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Do you have a RoboSapien toy kicking around? Time to do something awesome with it! This EZ-Robot release implements a few new awesomeness! Yeah, "awesomeness" is a word. With the new firmware update from this release, you may now follow our tutorial video and control your RoboSapien v1 and v2.

This release also implements a long over due feature for file associations. The .EZB files are now associated with EZ-Builder, this also includes downloadable internet files too. When you are on the community forum, and someone has pasted an EZB file, you can click and select OPEN. The file will be openned into EZ-Builder directly. Also, you can double-click any EZB file on your drive and open EZ-Builder.

- RoboSapien Movement Panel
- RoboSapien EZ-Script commands (all remote commands supported)
- File Associations
- 4800 BPS Baud Serial Support

United Kingdom
You must be one of very few people who have Vista running well...

Vista has issues in itself which cause issues using EZ-Builder. There are some older versions (12 months old or so) which can run on XP and Vista however you lose a lot of functions, may include some bugs and are unsupported. They are not available to download from here, your only saviour would be if a member has a copy.

It's highly recommended that you upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8. You will find huge improvements in everything if you upgrade. The cost to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 should not be too much at the moment and both should run on anything that could run Vista however you may require Windows 7 Starter or a low rent version/stripped down version.
Thanks for the reply. I've had this PC for a long time and have since tamed Vista ...with whip and chair.:) Actually, it's been a solid OS for me from the beginning.
I was afraid the answer you gave was the answer I would get. Guess I'd better start looking for an upgrade.

Computers a dirt cheap now days... Just bite the bullet and get yourself a used Win7 machine... ;)
That's a good idea. Maybe I could find a laptop so I won't be tied down to a fixed position.
Win. 7 is still available for purchase and if I can find a reasonably priced "upgrade" I won't have to reformat and reinstall everything on this machine.
I just went through that when this computer crashed during a lightening storm. Power flickered on and off faster than I could hit the off switch and it scrambled my OS. The remedy was a complete reinstall. Ugh.

Looks like it might be better and a bit less expensive to go with Win 8.

In regards to the RoboSapien, I opened mine up today and my board has the ground and IR in the right spots but mine is labeled IR-Out. Is that the right one? I'm just asking because I think it would be an IR Receive (or something) since it's receiving commands from the ezb. Could someone clear this up for me? Also, is he soldering the pads or the pins in the video?

And my power switch has a slightly different board. I'm geussing possitive would go to the Vcc but where should I solder the negative? There's an In, Out, Vcc, 2x Fr, and one (bottom left in the pic) that isn't labled unless that's another In?

The power switch:
User-inserted image

Here's my board:
User-inserted image

I'm just not sure what one to use. I know the Black circle is Gnd but would I solder my other wire to the Red, Yellow or Blue circle?
User-inserted image

Thanks in advance.