EZ-Builder Release 2012.05.07.00

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Yesterday we began focusing on the GPS support for your EZ-Robot. We've also added native support for the Sabertooth Electronic Motor Controller. In this release, we've added logging support to the GPS and more configuration options for the Sabertooth. The new Sabertooth options allow speed configuration between Forward, Reverse, Left and Right motions.

- Additional parameters added to Sabertooth
- GPS has logging ability and additional

We are working toward having your robot follow pre-recorded gps positions.
Thank you Dave:D ... The EZ-Community works well as a team!
does anyone know if the GPS receiver: Globalsat BT-359C bluetooth gps receiver could work with the new release? It's only $50 and looks like its operating voltage is 5V :D

data sheet
United Kingdom
I'm using this one click

Based on the spec of the Globalsat its looks very likely
Any SparkFun GPS's that could be configured to work with the EZ-B???
Can you point me to the video that shows how to hook up the sabertooth motor controller. I can't find it.