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Anyone Else Want A Java Api?

Im a Java Dude and have been looking at jniwrapper to wrap the DLL. But, I figured Id ask if anyone else is looking for a Java API. jc

Will Pay To Help With Wild Thumper 4Wd Chassis With Gripper

I purchased: Wild Thumper 4WD Chassis With Gripper I also purchased two motor controllers. I dont have the time to assemble it all together and will pay you to connect the motor controllers and EZ-B. Let me know if youre interested.

Will You Be Supporting Leapmotion? Looks pretty cool and more accurate than Kinect.

Wild Thumper 4Wd And Ez-B

I bought the Wild Thumper 4WD from the EZ-Robot Store. Are there any videos on configuring with EZ-B?

Will The 2.5 Amp Motor Controller Work With This Motor? Lynxmotion 12VDC 152RPM 231.05oz-in GHM-13 Spur Gear Head Motor 12vdc 141rpm, Gear Head Motor / Part no. GHM-13 Torque = 231.5 oz. in. Weight = 7.15 oz. Reduction = 30 :1 Length = 59.2mm (motor and gear) Length = 22.6mm (shaft only) Diameter = 36.8mm (motor and gear) Diameter = 6mm...

Realtime C# Scripting

I saw the example and it looks cool. Do you have documentation on it?

Using A Motor For A Medium Size Bot

Hi Id advice on a motor and motor controller. Also how do I add additional power to it?

Nicd Battery Recommendation For Heavy Duty Servos

Can someone make a recommendation for rechargable NiCd battery for two high torque servos

Sudden ARC Startup Problems

Who knows what Windows 7 did in the background, but I now get this at startup and I cant do anything. Could not load type ColorEnum from Assembly EZ_B. Version 2012.1.7.0 See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** System.TypeLoadException:...
Help Connecting Servo And Batter

Help Connecting Servo And Batter

I a 6 volt batter I connected to servo. I just want to make sure I connected correctly. I attached a picture. Servo Brown: negative Red: positive Orange:...

All Terrain Wheels

Hi, I intend to build a robot with four all terrain wheels. It will be slow moving, but will be traversing grass areas. Any recommendations on wheels and motors compatible with EZ-B? jc

Firmware Update Doesnt Seen To End

Seems to update, but never comes back. This is the output in the console: Attempting connection to COM3 EZ-B reports EZ-B Firmware V2 Connected Press the UPDATE button to start upgrade Warning: Line 513: Skipping Type: 4 Warning: Line 514: Impossible Diff: -8192 Address: 0x0, SB Size: 0x4000 Starting Boot Loader... sending ping sending ping sending...

Four Wheel Robot Base

Hi, Im looking at using something like this for EZ-B Will EZ-B power it? Is there another suggestion? jc
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