ARC Release 2012.02.17.00

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Software Information
Hello! Here are the details of the 2012.02.17.00 release.

HTTP Server Live Control
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- The new Live control in the HTTP server allows connected devices to interact with EZ-Builder in real-time over the web browser. This includes ipad, iphone, android, firefox, safari, internet explorer, and even blackberry. Do people still use blackberry?
- Does not require any additional plug-ins or activex stuff:) . It's just magic!
- Now you can control your robot at home from the office with your phone

Brookestone Rover Support
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- EZ-Builder now supports connectivity to the Brookstone Rover and the Rover's Camera.
- The brookstone rover panel works like all other panels - speech recognition, joystick, wii, webserver, camera tracking, etc...

Camera Control
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- I've made the camera control size adjustable. You can full screen the image, if you'd like to see large pixels :). Or you can hide the settings and fit the window somewhere snug away.

Pulse Width Modulation
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- The new pulse width modulation control allows pulses of current to simulate voltage control. This means you can adjust the speed of an HBridge, or the brightness of an LED

Touch Pad Movement
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- Drag your finger or the mouse cursor and sketch the route of your robot. When you release your finger, or mouse the robot will drive that path.
- This control compliments any movement panel.
- Control takes some configuration to adjust turn distance and forward speeds.

Touch Movement
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- Instead of using a regular movement panel, this is great for tablets. Lets you drag your finger on the screen to move the robot.
- Controls any movement panel.
I do think that the software does not feel the EZ-B because if when it comes to writing:
I am EZ-B BootLoader. Gimmie Firmware!
If I unplug the EZ-B before the appearance of next word (Updating. .. 16,384 bytes) (but also after) does not give me any error message, but even if I turn off the wi-fi!
I don't think it is wise to unplug your ez-b while it is attempting to upgrade the firmware. What bluetooth device are u using to interface with the ez-b board?
I disconnected the only 2 times, once after 34 minutes, and another to see if he said something, though the bluetooth is built into your computer and do not know what model it is.:(
hey DJ, does HTTP server live control needs a strong internet connection to have a fast response in the web browser or it just depends on pc/laptop/android/ipad/iphone specs?
Faster the kbps rating and ping time the better your response will be. Its impractical to control it remotely without high speed / broadband class internet. Phones or tablets with a descent 3g connection or higher should work well.