EZ-Builder Release 2011.12.10.00

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This latest version of EZ-Builder contains new features and enhancements to camera tracking. The new tracking algorithms are much faster and more reliable - many new settings also. The latest feature is Relative Position Tracking. This feature is to be used if your camera is stationary and you are controlling a robot arm, robot eyes, or other appendages.


- EZ-Builder v2011.12.10.00


- New Motion tracking algorithm
- New Color tracking algorithm
- New Camera Config Layout - Hide Settings saves with project for smaller window
- New Track By Relative Position for servo Tracking - Watch video demo below to see it work
- New Roomba Movement Panel Features

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I don't understand how you can continue to improve what is already brilliant. The new features look amazing
Wow DJ!! You really ARE putting in a lot of time perfecting your product!
I think I speak for many by saying THANK YOU!!

:) Now get back in the dungeon and crank out more updates. LOL JK
Its already an awesome equipment/software package.:D
I am wondering if you can add something to your EZ-Builder. When you click on a project file, the EZ-Builder loads, but the project doesn't. Can you change this? I think it would be a great way for those using embedded computing to start their machine and not have to do anything to it. (that and I'm lazy;))