Windows/android Release 2014.09.09.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This is the first to a few big releases as we prepare for Revolution and the iOS App.


new EZ-Script commands:
- appendarray()
- clearvariables()
- dumpvariables()
- getcontrolvalue()

servo fine tune

new control: Graph (under scripting)

Servo Profile (so you fine tune servos per project and save them. Located on the top menu Project tab)

Enhancements to multi-threading for a more responsive interface experience

EZ-Robot 3D Instruction Re-Order functionality. Allows you to specify the order of the 3D EZ-Bit assembly in the Instructions view
got it, test it soon.

United Kingdom
There is another topic which covers this. In short, the gear icon isn't required but was accidental left there. Don't click it.

Control of the Graph control is done via ControlCommand()
I tested the graph using a ping... works awesome.... Very useful control...