Windows Release 2015.11.30.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- prevent Auto Position servos from being moved off the screen bottom and right

- display camera feed in mobile interface builder window

- vuzix VR glasses Add Control button fix

- Auto Position display PAUSE with it's details of delay time and ignore the STEPS and servo SPEED...

- fix for Sound servo Speaker when loading project produced error

*Note: This release is 2015.28/29/30 because they are were all rolled into one. Notable, this release includes additional plugin access for more camera ability. Specifically this example:

Here's a video:
This download and the one before it wont load my projects that use V4.
The projects wont even show to be loaded and if I upload it from the cloud it gives a bunch of errors.
I uninstalled ARC and installed an older one from October and my files can be loaded and run with no problems.
User-inserted image
Which version from October did you reinstall and it works? The error is with the AX Servos - AX Servos were removed October 15th and converted into a plugin due to dynamixel issues.

You will need to remove the AX specified servos and convert them to V servos and install the Dynamixel Plugin. The dynamixel servos will be supported natively again in the future once robotis reviews the plugin source code.

If you will share your project, i can convert it for you. Post it in this thread.

I attached the file and it is in the cloud also.
Many thanks

I tried to edit the AX parts out of my projects, but haven't been able to.
Thanks DJ
Everything works now!
Daver, are you using dynamixel servos? If so, you can install the plugin for it.
Awesome.... It works fantastic!.... Panning around by just clicking the camera image... Love it...

On a side note I wish I could drop by and if you had some time of course to teach a class in developing these plugins... I know you have the online tutorial here but I think a couple of hours in a class would really help get me and others started... Later this week I am going to look at your plugin example of click servo to see how you did it....

Question, if I give up the proportional click steer idea, do you think I could adapt click servo to do basic click steering? Like I said it doesn't have to be proportional steering... For example click left of centre on the camera image and the robot briefly veers left and vice versa for right... Should be straight forward if all I/we need to do is briefly control the left() and right() on the Movement Panel when you click the left or right side of the camera image?

First I need to take a look how you did click servo...
RR, how much of a class were you hoping for? I'm just trying to gage, because I know you are a pretty savvy, but are you hoping for a class that would walk you through getting started in Visual Studio as well as the plug in creation process....or just more meat on the plug in creation process?
Savvy maybe, ARC competent, yes.... However, C# is a whole different ball game than ARC... To put this in perspective.... The last PC I programmed was a Commodore 64....:D
Ok, so you did something like:
20 GOTO 10

Ahh, I miss that kind of programming.

But you've been scripting a fair bit in ARC, right? I think that type of scripting lends itself to picking up C# more so then the c64 Basic.

I think when it comes to learning Visual C# .Net the first step is to become somewhat comfortable with how to do a handful of basic things and there are lots of free resources to learn the very basics. Once you can do fancy versions of the "Hello World" add in a time/date stamp, make it come up in a pop up box, appear in a different location, change the text color, add a button to change the message from "Hello World", to "EZ-Robot is Awesome!"....stuff like that.

Once you can do that, you'll have the basic skills you can build on by experimenting with other code to create what you want. Stating with sample project code from published plug-ins like you mentioned is a great way. You could start by changing small things to see how the code works. And ask questions from there.

And if you get really stuck I could help you via Skype.

Beginner Tutorials: