Windows 2014.02.28.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This new release has a few enhancements for ARC for Windows. This also has a huge change to the EZ-Script Compiler Cache. What I had done is created a pre-compiled cache of the EZ-Script operational codes. The cache is updated every time you edit an EZ-Script, or load a new project. This provides a significantly noticeable improvement to any actions that use EZ-Script. This includes Custom Movement Panel, WiiMote, Joysticks, etc..


- Pre-Compiled cache of EZ-Script

- New camera command for ControlCommand(): ClearLastGlyph (i.e. ControlCommand("Camera", ClearLastGlyph)

- Array reference by variable fix (i.e. $Variable[$n] )

- Fine tune adjustments to the Face Detection and custom HAAR object detection algorithm

- EZ-Script commands DefineArray and FillArray will create an array that now displays values of each location in the Variable Viewer. If you are an array user, you'll see:)
Awesome. Once again ++1 for attending to customer requests. (ClearLastGlyph). Array contents in variable tracker is great enhancement. Thanks again. Downloading NOW!
Five more bricks added to this might tower .... Thanks for the late hours(We know cause we can view the office cams:) )
The older versions works well with french recognition. Why do you change this? What is the reason?
Nothing was changed. English is the only language that EZ-Robot supports for speech recognition. However, if you have the proper language and culture installed for Windows, ARC will support any language installed - long as it is setup correctly in your OS. We cannot support the language configuration for your OS because it is out of our control. Also, we do not know any other languages so it is impossible for us to test.

Nothing has changed for speech recognition since day one. If it worked for you before, that is because your system was setup correctly for that culture and language. If it does not work anymore, your system is not configured correctly for the desired language or culture.

To clarify, there is no explicit statement in ARC that says "Speech recognition must be English".

By default, the preferred culture is EN-US. If that culture does not exist, it will use the default culture. As an example, here is the speech recognition initialization code from ARC to close this discussion. As you can see, the preferred culture is searched, if it is not found then it uses the default culture of your OS.


string preferredCulture = "en-US";

foreach (RecognizerInfo config in SpeechRecognitionEngine.InstalledRecognizers())
if (config.Culture.ToString() == preferredCulture) {

_sre = new SpeechRecognitionEngine(config);

_ezb.Log(false, "Speech Recognition Culture: {0}", preferredCulture);


if (_sre == null) {

_ezb.Log(false, "The desired culture ({0}) is not installed on this machine. We will load Culture: {1}", preferredCulture, SpeechRecognitionEngine.InstalledRecognizers()[0].Culture);

_sre = new SpeechRecognitionEngine();
@DJSures (or anyone from EZ-Robot) could you take a look at the variable return as reported by @Rich for


$variable = ""

Returning the variable as only a single quote "
Do you guys think this is a bug or was that the intended functionality in the newest release? It did not do that in version 2014.02.21

As Alan mentioned, as discusses in