Release 2017.10.16.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Display popup if screen resolution is less than 1366 x 768

- Changed size of some configuration forms for lower resolution screens (Camera Config, Auto Position Creator, Auto Position SDK Creator, Joystick Config, Wii Config, Speech Recognition Config)

- camera rotate fix

- Terminal (EZB) fix

Thanks for the update.

I can confirm the EZB Terminal crash is fixed, although i still get disconnected when sending messages >1K.
Is there any way to disable the update notifications within the application. While the frequency of updates is appreciated, I manage a schools tech lab and having to update the software on each machine in our lab every 2-3 weeks can become burdensome. While I'm not required to update the software, the flashing box (not any changes or issues they may encounter) gets people wanting the update ASAP and can be distracting. Is there anyway to just stop it from popping up on startup so I can manage the update process on my own schedule without alerting people.



Is there any way to disable the update notifications within the application

If you open with a project, even an essentially empty one, either by double clicking an EZB project file, or creating a link with the shortcut creator, the update box will not be part of the project and so will not appear unless requested.

@pgomezALDL is it highly recommended to update, even if once ever 2-3 weeks. An update is an enhanced version of the software with fixes and improvements. If you do not apply the update, you will not receive the improvements, which may present challenges using ezrobot products. Some updates are mandatory to use updated plugin features or the robot program episodes.

We have the update process optimized, which only requires 7 clicks of the mouse to ensure the experience is anything but a burden.

1) Click on the flashing update

2) Click download software

3) Click open software

4) Click next -> next -> next -> Finish

Although it is highly not advised to skip updates, I'll have skipping update added to the feature request as an option in the preferences menu in a future release.

Forum support will also be impossible without the latest update - because anyone assisting will have the most recent software and yours will be outdated.

Okay, disclaimer over:D
@DJ, odd little thing I never noticed before (this behavior might have been there before) when creating new frames in the Auto Position control, I tend to names things like "LarmUpHigh" or "NeckDown" with caps and lower case....what I noticed is the frame names will change to all lower case once saved. I can go back and select the frame and select Rename Frame and add my CAPS backs then the changes will stay.

You bet - it does that. Add spaces in your names