Release 2017.03.20.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- empty phrase for start/stop SpeechRecognition to avoid randomly picking up false positives. Users can add a phrase themselves if they wish to use this feature

- adjust some GUI objects for more windows 10 default scaling value of 125% dpi compatibility

- camera training objects will not train if another object is detected during training

- prompt to warn for windows 7 OS that is no longer natively supported

- additional exception handling on camera device
Thank you DJ. Empty phase on Speech recognician will come in handy. As always thanks for the update.
Ya, the empty phrase sounds like something that may really help. I'm flustered by my robot responding when I'm talking to someone else in the room. I'm really looking forward to trying this.
new ARC broken:
I fired up ARC today for the first time in 3 weeks, downloaded the 3/20 release and it does not work any more. The first command I give it from my WIndows 10 PC (such as servo set) causes the command to execute, then wifi disconnects. When I reconnect from EZ-B, EZ-B freezes and requires a Task Manager abort. Video is still working!
@brucesallen Works perfectly fine for me... Check your batteries... Sounds like you have the classic inadequate power/servo disconnect problem.... Reboot windows and if needed re-download and repair the ARC installation...
I guess I'm a little dense on how to use the new "empty phrase for start/stop SpeechRecognition" now. Could someone please give me a little guidance on how to use this new feature?

I know in the past we always were able to start or stop the SR with either a pause or unpause in an EZ Script or with spoken phrases. Thous spoken phrases were set inside the SR control near the top. They have always been there. What's changed and how do I use it?

Thanks in advance. ;)
Hi Dave, I took DJ's update here:

- empty phrase for start/stop SpeechRecognition to avoid randomly picking up false positives. Users can add a phrase themselves if they wish to use this feature

To mean if you opened ARC prior the 3/20/17 release those fields for "Enable Phrase" and "Disable Phrase" were auto populated with the defaults of "Robot Enable Speech" or "Robot Disable Speech" if you were to open a new project and add the Speech Recognition control, that would be the default.

As of the 3/20/17 release those fields are blank by default for a new project. But if you open a project that already had something set there, nothing would change for your previously saved project.

Edit: I just updated to 3/20/17 and confirm those finding. If you have a project with a previous setting for the enable or disable speech you won't see a change. It's only for new projects where the change is noticeable.
I have further determined that ARC hangs on specific actions. My earlier reported problem occurred when the initial supplied starter project ws started. The Wi-fi would disconnect and upon pressing Connect, ARC will hang. My previously saved projects work fine.
I misunderstood the function. I should download before I post. Thought it was a "Alan..." to activate Listening like "Alexa..." in amazons echo. Only occasionally I get the first word cut off in bing Recognition.
Thanks Justin for clearing this up for me. Makes perfect sense now. ;)
@brucesallen do you have a JD project open without connecting the RGB eyes to the EZ-B? You could be encountering I2C lock up.