Release 2015.05.15

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- This fixes the bug where a script is told to stop when not running will lock up the script forever

- added command support for the new ez-b v4 camera

- added additional virtual ports for the SSC-32 control

- new control : SSC-32 for adding an ssc-32 to your ARC project which connects to ez-b v4 or PC COM port:

- fix in the Serial Terminal (pc) for large ammounts of data being transmitted would lock up UI

SSC-32 Control
The new SSC-32 control will allow ARC or an ez-b v4 to directly connect to the SSC-32 servo controller. This means you can connect the SSC-32 or SSC-32U directly to your PC via COM port -or- use the EZ-B v4's expansion UART. The V0-V31 ports are therefore used to control the Port 0-31 on the SSC-32.

Here's a video demonstrating the new tracking without grid lines using JD
United Kingdom
DJ, I would like the EZ:1 robot to have the latest v4 camera so will be upgrading as soon as it is available. Can you give us any preview or clues (spec etc) to how it supersedes the current model - also when will it be available for purchase?

Man, when did you have time to do this? LOL... Awesome having the ssc-32... now a very simple way to extend the number of servo ports on an ezb from 24 to 56...Great If you have a project that uses a lot of sensors and a lot of servos... this way you keep all your servos but free up the ezb to handle the sensors while the ssc-32 drives your servos.... Can't wait for the new camera as well....:)
@DJ the auto positioner works great with the virtual ports and the ssc-32.... It's probably me over looking something, but the servo speed when using "jump to" is slow and "transition to" is dead slow... I know how to change speeds using scripts (my Andrew ezb project)... If you recall, we were using $pw for position and $m for speed (or time to move in mS) for Andrew's fingers. I had set $m to 1000 which is what we were using with rock, paper scissors... 1000 was similar to servospeed(D0,2) in ARC and that seems to be the speed that Auto Position for the virtual ports is moving the servos on the ssc-32 at... which doesn't seem to be full speed with "jump to"... Jeez, hope I am making sense here... Maybe I am overlooking something but maybe this is why I can't get full speed using the jump to command with V0-31 ports?


#equivalent to servospeed(D0,2)
$pw="650" #position
$m ="1000" #higher number = slower speed or time to move max 65535
UARTWrite(0,0,"#0P"+$pw+"T"+$m,13) #right thumb

#below would (I think) be the equivalent to servospeed(D0,0)

$m ="0" #I believe this would be full speed? seems to work..

UARTWrite(0,0,"#0P"+$pw+"T"+$m,13) #right thumb
@DJ... Dude, I think I screwed you up... sorry man

For the SSC-32 board we should be using "S" instead of "T" for speed...
"T" is actually "time to move" which would be a relative speed control
"S" is the correct speed control command

so... it should be...


#equivalent to servospeed(D0,2)
$pw="650" #position
$m ="1000" #higher number = faster
UARTWrite(0,0,"#0P"+$pw+"S"+$m,13) #right thumb



$m ="1000"

UARTWrite(0,0,"#0P"+$pw+"T"+$m,13) #right thumb

Although the ssc-32 manual says it supports a full 180... I burned up a test servo this morning trying to position the servo at 2500 (180)... I would have just chalked it up as a bad servo but other of my MG995s seem to do the same... Meaning they overheat and buzz/vibrate if I try and position over 2250 or so... they seem to work great between 650 - 2250, however... Below and above seem to overheat the MG995s... I haven't tried any of my Hitecs yet, however...
I'm with Tony here. This update makes it sound like there is a new and latest V4 camera. Did I miss something (which is very possible as I've been under a rock for the last few months) or is there a new camera available or when will it be available?

If there is not a new camera available and the only one that is or will be available can be found in the store:
V4 camera

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Hats off for the SSC-32 control!
Just ordered a v4 camera. They don't say pre-sale anymore. Does that mean they are in stock?