Release 2014.04.22.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This has a few changes to EZ-Builder, but more specifically a performance increase for the camera control.


- Performance increase to camera control

- PWM fix for all-on when set to 45%

- Object Tracking has Learn While Tracking checkbox option
its been a long time , ive updated again , it asking me update the OS V16 .iam not sure what to do on it
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@csa459 Update the EZ-B firmware, there is a newer version which was part of a recent update.
Answer Yes to the question to see how to upgrade the firmware. Watch the video and follow the instructions:)

I spend a lot of time making sure there is documentation and videos associated with complicated tasks
ok it firmware got it .its been long time lol thanks guys :):)
iam all set:) ,i need to keep up guys again ive been so busy this past year .;) thanks again
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Must admit I'm loving the object recognition that came with previous release can't wait for more updates to this :)
Will it eventually be incorporated into scripts if it already hasn't been done so?
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@RichardR If you tick the check box for object on the tracking tab then you can add a script to speak the name of the object. Works well. I trained it on my face then it speaks my name as I come into view of the camera
Thanks... So after you train an object, what do you do then? Do you have a script example on how to recognize an object and speak what it is... kinda lost after the learn new object part... how do you get ARC to associate a trained object with a name of it.... Sorry I am a bit lost after on using the camera stuff in general....

The large red text on the train form that says "experimental" and the post regarding the release of this feature explains that it is under development. Those features will be released shortly as we are in r&d currently.
Hey DJ... I was aware it was still in development... I was just confused because @winstn60 said he was able to use it in a script to recognise his own face and speak his name (I mean just using your object recognition training)... I was just curious on how he did it...

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Hi Richard its obviously experimental as DJ says and it will only recognize one object. You enter Say ("Hello Human" ) into the script tracking box on the camera control after training an object and that's it. When it see's the object it will say Hello Human.

The camera control is one of the most powerful controls on ARC and well worth spending some time on :)
Soon as the next version passes testing, there is script support and object library. It's done but in testing right now:) give it a few days. I'm also in Washington currently so it'll be a few days until I have time to sign off on it
Wow awesome... got it to work... Yes please DJ, keep developing this...:)

@winstn60 .... thanks
Hi DJ.. Have you consider to incorporate the face recognition software shown here by Justin, to ARC?
That would be awesome!... And works pretty well...
When I tried DJ object recognition... I was able to set it recognize my face. When my girlfriend sat in front of the camera, it didn't do anything until I sat down in front of the camera again.. where it once again knew it was me... This tells me maybe DJ's version will not only recognize objects but possible different faces as well? We'll have to wait until he updates it to recognize and save more than one object at a time and then see...