Release 2013.09.04.00

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I finally got around to looking into the Twitter issue. Seems they discontinued the v1 api and force everyone to use the v1.1 api. The differences are substantial so ARC was not compatible with their update. This release includes the Twitter fix...


- Camera Control has a two new variables for the object location quadrant

- Twitter fix for v1.1 api. Now updates Tweets and Images. Tweets use the Tweet() EZ-Script command. And images can be uploaded using the Camera's ControlCommand() syntax. Look at the Cheat Sheet tab when editing EZ-Script for example syntax.
Awesome! Hard workin' DJ got it done nine days ahead of schedule.:D just teasing.
United Kingdom
Excellent update... even if the date did confuse me a little:)
Yeah that was a little mishap by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee