Release 2013.03.13.00

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This release introduces two new features which have been occasionally popping up in the community.


- New EZ-Script command: WaitForChange()

- New EZ-Script command: Pause()

- New ControlCommand: Resume

- New feature "Merge" to merge two projects together

- New project examples for WaitForChange and Pause/Resume

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United Kingdom
I was getting ready to suggest an "import" function for EZ-Scripts but merge is one better:) I can see it being used a lot for EZ-Scripts. Awesome addition.

And the pause and WaitForChange commands give a new way for scripting, one which makes it easier in some cases.

Brilliant work!
As always awesome Dj, yesterday dreamed something to import controls from one project to another and now I find that it's done, great.
Mmmmm, I like to pause and resume command again, thanks!
i got update now, but when open my ex project its not loading everything. all my boxs are gone but it does shows everything at the top page wierd *eek* @dj:)
United Kingdom
Try clicking auto arrange, you may be suffering from the scrolling problem that happens to some people on occasion.

Make sure ARC is opening your project and not it's default (starting) and empty project. This happened to me a couple times when I moved my .EZB project to a different folder location. Then when I updated I just let the installer install the new update to it's default location. The result was a new .EZB file in one location and my .EZB project file in the other. When ARC opens it starts the new EZB file it made at the update.
no try all those thing its not load , i roll back to last update it works just fine ,now try auto most things are gone :(
United Kingdom
@csa459 Or try starting a new project, using merge to bring in all old controls from the project that's playing up - assuming they are shown in the merge dialogue.
everything is working from last update now . is were iam at now . ill try that upload the new update ,and start a new project and see if it works .@rich:)
ok i try new project, and try merge it only 6 controls came back. and iam running new windows 8 on month old lab brand new iam running circles from last update to the new update its not working for me@rich