Release 2013.03.09.00

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This is a recommended update. It contains a few enhancements to the GUI and a couple of interested new features.


- Performance increase for Multi Color tracking. You probably won't notice the increase, but it's there. It's a very small enhancement.

- ControlCommand() for Multi Color Tracking options. Check the Cheat Sheet tab when editing scripts to see the available ControlCommand() for the Camera Control.

- servo Summary generates EZ-Script for the specified positions. This is great if you use the summary control to move your ez-robot's servos into init position. You may now press the Copy button and it generates EZ-Script with Servo() commands. Finally, paste the contents into an EZ-Script control and voila!

- Script Editors display Clipboard command shortcuts in a top menu (called Edit). This is because some people have asked how to copy, cut, paste who didn't know there are generic windows shortcut keys.

- A few GUI changes. Button resizes, default form sizes, etc.. Just esthetics enhancements.

United Kingdom
Excellent, just what I was waiting for:)

Servo summary to EZ-Script and the copy/paste addition looks like they will be great additions too.

As always, impressed by the support given you don't get that in many places.
With this release I am trying to add a new Script in the Script Manager and can find no way to name the Script.

The new EDIT selection appears but no window for naming the Script. The default name appears however.

I am using a 64 bit laptop.
@Steve, you're right! Looks like a resolution issue between OS' ... Download the latest version - I labeled it for the 9th:)
Release 2013.03.09.00 on the 8th aaaaaaa. O by the way any new updates for the SDK. As your site still says it's on version from January.
SDK's are not updated as often:) we wait until there is confidence in the functions before asking you to re-write a whole whack of code! hehe