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I was trying to debug a serial LCD, and then another serial device when I realized there aren't many good Serial Terminals available. So I made one, and here it is in this latest release of EZ-Builder.


- New Control: Terminal

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United Kingdom

What does this do? provide controls for serial port items (lcd screen in particular)?

Do you have a favourite serial lcd screen?
@Technopro, it's more for advanced users who are familiar with serial devices. You'll get there in time:)
Yea just answered my own question.
But i've been trying to reach you about lcd screen questions. ill start a topic in hardware and ask you.
Hi, Is there anyway to view the camera Realtime video via Telnet? I can connect and control the Robot via telnet but i cant view the image connected to the Telnet server.
Thanks you.
Telnet is text a text only interface that derived from the 1970's mainframes. It's similar to a terminal interface, otherwise known as WYSE or VT100
Omg, I literally was going back over an old post about controlling the RAPU with TTL and could not figure out how to get the EZB to send the serial commands. You are the man if this is what this does. Your still the man if it doesn't Here is the link to the thread:

Controlling the RAPU

Edit, looking at the advancements since I read this post, I'd like to use voice commands to trigger RAPU events, among other things.
To send serial commands, use the EZ-Script command "SendSerial()"

Otherwise, the terminal is for communication to TTL devices for configuration


SendSerial( digitalPort, baudRate, data, ... )
- Send a series of data over the specified port and baud rate
- Data can be Hex (0x09), character ('c'), string ("string"), or decimal (188)
- Example: SendSerial(0x09, 'n', 0x00, 244, "This is text")
Thursday, 21 February 2013

Good Morning DJ !

I APPLAUD Your Addition of Serial Terminal to ARC !

Early this morning I connected to my iRobot Create via Com1 and the Creates Serial Cable, and the minute I set the Baud Rate to 57600, I got the Powerup Dialog Screen from the Create !

I was not so fortunate on the Send Side, trying 128 131 followed by 137 0 100 128 0 with No Success ?

Repeating the same steps in both RealTerm, RoombaComm Test, and Create. gives me IMMEDIATE Slow Forward Motion of the Create.

What am I doing Wrong; I tried different Delimiters Like Comma, etc, NO Luck ?

Thank You Again & I Like Serial Terminal On The ARC Screen as part of your Roomba Routine.

I need to learn how to use it ?, 602-246-1246(H)