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Sometimes... Something strange happens in my head... Something pops in and says "Dude, try this".

If that voice/vision wasn't telling me how to make EZ-Robot any better, then I would be alarmed.

In this case, we are all safe! Over the past while, I had been considering a few options to increase the tracking speed and response of the Camera Control. I would try something, and it would partially work. I would try something else, and it would break. Last night, something clicked!

This release increases the response of the camera control with the EZ-Robot Wireless Camera. It also decreases the CPU usage! A few new features have been added, including an adjustable framerate. The underlying Control framework has been rewritten, thanks to a lengthy plane ride today.

I hope you enjoy these new enhancements:)


- Smoother camera control video and uses less resources

- Super fast video response with ez-robot wireless camera

- Adjustable capture speed framerate

- Windows 8 fix with closing some controls on slower AMD processors

- Camera control initializes all user defined variables when control is loaded

- JPEG Streaming bug fix in Camera Control when viewing an image by an HTTP:// source

- Floor map turn resolution increased

- Another attempt at preventing controls from creeping on low resolution displays

- Sleep() EZ-Script command has increased resolution

- Fixed some EZ-Script manual entries

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New Zealand
I'm first, I'm first, I'm first ..... thanks DJ.

As always you're a legend.
You have done a great job.

But, what happened to this one?

Posted at 2/5/2013 2:22:36 PM #9


MovieMaker, there are already multiple sound controls...

1) moves servos based on the volume of the sound

2) controls a Movement Panel to mvoe the robot toward the direction of the sound using stereo microphones

Now what you are asking for is a new control that...

3) will move a servo from left or right toward the sound with a microphone

I understand, it will be in the next release
-Another attempt at preventing controls from creeping on low resolution displays-
Thanks for your continued work on trying to fix this. It's a real pain.

- Sleep() EZ-Script command has increased resolution-
I don't understand what "increased resolution" is. Could someone explain?

As always, thanks for all your hard work.
MovieMaker, it's still on the to-do list.

Dschulpius, when you specify the Sleep() command for say 28ms, the old version may have only slept for 25 or 32 ms (depends on the system). This is because I try to use very little resources. ARC would not be able to run on your computers without the creative optimizations i had done in the supporting framework. The reason ARC runs with very low memory and fast response time (even on slow computers) is due to everything being written from scratch with very optimized functions.

So the sleep accuracy means if you specify Sleep(30), it will sleep for 30ms... Not 28 or 32.
Ohh, that makes sense. Thanks for the simple explanation.
Great job as always DJ

Mel on #3 you can do that with a simple circuit added to EZB,
THERE was a project made for that and very simple to adapt to EZB analog inputs and make a script for it too
Really all 3 can use the same circuit design too
@D.J. --Alright! not forgotten.

@Fred -- Where?
I think parallax sells the microphone board that will work

ITS sound to analog circuit is what you need,plus a script
MEL on the sound sensor ,one by parallax only can pick up one sound with a digital output

THIS one by phidgets has a analog output to pick up more then one with analog output

sound sensor with analog output

I guess thats another sensor i will buy,since i love sensors,and have a house full of them