Release 2012.12.05.00

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Software Information
This update contains a few new features for EZ-Script and the HTTP Server. The EZ-Script enhancement displays the list of User Controls and their supported ControlCommand methods. Rather than having to search through the help manual, the Cheat Sheet tab will display the list of methods and controls.

- EZ-Script Config windows have a new tab "Cheat Sheet". This displays the list of Controls and their ControlCommand methods.
- HTTP Server includes new "Script Console" page to execute realtime EZ-Script over web browser
- HTTP Server supports Web Service to execute and return values from the EZ-Script compiler. This is for remote processing applications that wish to control ARC via EZ-Script and HTTP.


I do not know if this is a bug or my own issue. I was trying to use ARC earlier and noticed that the speed control and the modified servo control didn't play right together, ie the speed control did not make any noticable difference in speed and sometimes confused the servo became jittery.

Do remember I barely ever really used ARC and mostly just applied my own C# Designs so maybe I am just out of the loop on this one.
Orwin, speed control is not for modified servos. Every control has a ? Button next to the close button. Press the ? Button and you will be directed to the controls appropriate tutorial/help page. The video on that page will explain the servo speed control.
I know the mechanics of how to drive a servo I just didn't think that the speed is only variable by the amount of time it takes to change the width of the driving signals high time on the period of the signal. But I guess that makes perfect sense why a modified servo doesn't work seeing as anything above or below 1.5mS drives it in a certain direction regardless of the signals High time.

Guess thats what I get for not having much Hobby time anymore.
@orwin, you have been pretty quiet lately. Is school taking up all your time? The "servo speed" is really a PWM Slope Over Time.

To control the speed of a modified servo, you would need to modify the values in the Config of the Modified servo Movement Panel.:)

No, I ain't in school anymore. I graduated College back in Decemeber (Bacholars in Electronics and Computer Science along with Associates in Robotics)

I been working all the time for a Medical Company as a Test Engineer so I haven't been able to do my Robotics at home :(.

Plus the added bonus of getting a new car so I been looking at add-ons for her, lol.

I am around though, I usually just monitar the forums see what everyones doing. Love the new interface window by the way, very sharp looking. Keep up the fantastic work.

I'll have to look into the config file then see what I can do, thanks for the info.
@DJ in the video you made on the tank robot where did u get the tracks and wheels for it and is there a design to build it,if not can you make a design for a tank:) .Becuse it might be hard for me to make a platform because im only 10;)
Welcome to the EZ Community! The tank platform is made by Tamiya and is for sale at different places. But DJ has a great tank platform in his store for sale you might be interested in as well. Go to the "Store" and scroll down to the bottom.

Rover Chassis $39.99
Rover 5 is an amazing tracked robot chassis! Designed specifically for scalability for many robot types. Unlike conventional tracked robots, the clearance can be adjusted by rotating the gearboxes in 5-degree increments. Stretchy rubber treads maintain tension and height. This robot chassis comes assembled with motors, treads and battery holder. Works great as a base for your custom Wall-e!
@bret.tallent thank you for telling me that it would be more easier for me just to look it up the robot called the brookstone rover;)
@dj when is the new update coming out can you try and get it up