ARC Release 2011.11.07.00

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Software Information

- ARC v2011.10.07.00


- Camera tracking fix when servo reached maximum position, would not recover
- Camera Tracking adjustable frame count to trigger script
- Changed default background:)

I think that's it. Just a few camera tracking issues resolved. And that new option.
United Kingdom
EZ-Robots ship pretty much worldwide.

Also, it makes more sense to start a new topic or use a related topic when asking such questions rather than a 2 year old topic about an out of date update to the software.
hey guys i want to tell rich also Sures can i buy the product (the ez complete kit) ?
i mean i live i egypt so can i buy it or not
please answer me as soon as the message arrived to you
I am sure DJ is a little "distracted " considering his city is underwater! Thanks DJ for the update!:)
United Kingdom
@irobot check the date;)

@ashraf, please see my first reply to you right above the second time you asked the question. Visit the store page and attempt to purchase, if you live in an area where it is not able to be shipped to it will tell you.
i mean from this site can i buy from it (the product will be deliverd from canda to egypt) ? :):):)