Mobile Vision Tracking

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Has anyone noticed that ARC Mobile has vision tracking now? It also works in RoboScratch Mobile. The iOS version will not be online until Apple approves it, maybe next week? But the Android version is online in Google Play...

Color, Multi Color, Glyph and Face tracking works with ARC Mobile
Wow! Other than voice recognition, are there any major functions still on the todo list for mobile?

Is EZ-Robot ever done? lol
From a perspective of features support, which tablet is recommend Android or iOS ?

Like you said software is a never ending story:) do you have any timeline for voice recognition on mobile if not in all at least in one of them ?
I am an Android fanboy all the way, but the fragmentation across versions and the large number of manufacturers who don't all follow the same specs has caused some issues. If I were going to buy something just for use with EZ-Robot, I would buy an iOS device. (also, DJ uses an iPhone, if that tells you anything about development priority).

hum, so if the tip is right and the boss phone is an Apple, that means the iOS will have more goodies ...

I have an Ipad 2 but the wifi is broken since iOS 8... The performance never was the same.

On the other side you can find cheap android tablets for $60 that you can use with the ez*
The other plus for Android is that stuff gets published there first because the google play just checks for malware when a developer pushes an update on an approved app. They may later pull it if it violates terms of service, but new stuff will be available sooner by a couple of weeks.

On the other other hand. Apple watch support, no Android Wear support (although when I get my LG Urbane later this week I have an idea about how to quickly add it) and iPhone sensor stream support but nothing similar for Android despite half a dozen sensor streaming apps being available.....

I haven't messed with the mobile app much so forgive my ignorance... Can the android/iOS device's built in camera also be used for mobile vision tracking?

Naw, the mobile vision tracking is exclusive to the ezrobot camera.