Beta Release 2019.11.12.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

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Software Information

- Significant UI and theme renderer updates

- behavior control plugins: Theme renderer can skip controls by adding the tag "SkipTheme" to the control property

- Invert servo positions in Auto Position Fine Tune utility menu

- New version of cognitive vision which returns objects detected in the image as variables. Read more HERE.

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#1   — Edited
Well thats going to come in handy with this new robot im working on!! (Cognitive vision) Looking forward to testing.
#2   — Edited
When will this be a "release" and not a beta? or does it matter?
It doesn't matter - a beta eventually becomes a release once it's been tested and used enough. Using the beta helps us move it quicker to release.
ok, sounds good, thanks DJ
Forgive me if this is a simple question but is there a way to select pallet colors? The dark colors and grays are very hard on my eyes. 
Soon in the next few days. Have a working beta that’s in process. The plan of the theming is to let users select the color theme branded to your product. Thanks for holding on there till it’s ready:)
Ya, I can't read the gray and dark colors either. Looks cool at first glance but after working with it a little while I have to put on my stronger reading glasses and squint. 

Other then being stuck on this color combo (for now) I like the new look. I'm really looking forward to being able to change the color theme.