ARC Android Release 2015.01.08.00

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- connection control no longer uses "numeric" keyboard becuase it treats the input as a number and limits to one decimal place (unsable for ip addresses)

- main menu displays loading message when selecting Installed Robot apps

- auto update feature for installed apps (accessible from Installed menu)

- notepad control

- soundboard has audio sound list to play with joystick control
@nomad... hope you don't "brick" it... If you do, eBay is full of cheap recent android devices....:)

i wasn going to try,(alone)

dj i try it several times,it downloads but not install it version8

wow version 9 goes great install quick.

thank you
Nomad, are you saying ARC Android is working on your Android 4.0.4?
yes and very good

i make a video moment
here is the video

i didn change a thing ,just downloaded version9.