Android Release 2015.01.08.00

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- connection control no longer uses "numeric" keyboard becuase it treats the input as a number and limits to one decimal place (unsable for ip addresses)

- main menu displays loading message when selecting Installed Robot apps

- auto update feature for installed apps (accessible from Installed menu)

- notepad control

- soundboard has audio sound list to play with joystick control
I have 4.1.2 on one of my Androids and it works great.... no problems...
4.0.4 is too old. Update your android operating system
How do we update an android ?
I have been trying for days all the info I find says to go into settings / about phone then click on update but when I do it don't find an update at all and I know there is one

I only have 404 on mine

to old ok.didn know you can update an android
just read how to do it,if you know what you are doing.
but iff not ,you can by better new one.
DJ, It is very difficult for the majority of users to update Android. For phones, the update schedule is controlled by the phone carrier in most (all?) countries. Except for Google Nexus devices, tablet users can only upgrade when the vendor releases a version upgrade for that tablet.

Although it is true that there is a good development community creating custom upgrade ROMS for many devices (see ) that involves rooting and potentially voiding the warranty.

This new minimum requirement has just eliminated 2 of my 4 active Android devices from being useable because they can not be upgraded beyond their current version.

I can look up the exact numbers, but easily 50% of all Android devices are still on 4.0.4 or below. It is fine to have a higher requirement, but really important that the requirements are clear (like posted on the download page). Once the app is on Google Play, it takes care of it for you. It won't show as available for devices that don't meet the minimum specs.

There is nothing we can do about having ARC mobile run on anything less than 4.1. This is not a decision that I had made - this is a fact based on the new app and it's functionality requiring the newer android libraries.

I'm unable to comment on the hardware manufacturers of android devices about why they do not provide an upgrade to newer android versions. However, as Apple works - their devices support the latest OS all the way back to the 4S (Which is like 6 years old)

If you purchase an Android device and it suffers from zero support of the manufacturer for updating the operating system, there is very little we can do. I would recommend selecting an Apple device, or researching an Android device that allows updating of the Operating System, similar to how Apple works.
I am not suggesting you do support earlier Android versions, just that you state the minimum requirements on the web page and not recommended that users upgrade their OS as rhat is rarely possible. If you get a Google Nexus device or a GPE edition device from the few vendors that make them, you will get upgrades pushed to your device within weeks of their availability or they are easy to install if you are impatient. Any other device is controlled both by the vendor and the carrier, and by and large the carriers will only provide updates for 2 years after release and many carriers only push them for one year and only after they pass their own testing and sometimes modification, so it is often months later.

I have a Nexus and an HTC M8 both above the minimum , so not complaining for me (although I also have a Xoom and Rezound I won't be able to use, but their web browsers or Splashtop or TeamViewer will work, so not useless) just helping to educate on what it means to your customers.

I'm sorry Dj, but there doesn't appear to be such thing.

My recommendation to people: Either buy a new device/trade in with your carrier, or root and install an updated firmware on the device. Odds are, if your on a 4.0.4 device, the warranty is over anyways.
If you have a device that can be rooted and have CyanogenMod rom installed, it provides a great Android experience and can make an old device seem new again.

This is one of the Android pitfalls. Some devices get regular updates but many do not. Samsung is pretty good about it.
Nomad, is that the phone you have? The method varies by phone or tablet.

Some are easy, some very hard.

yes thats my phone sony miro st23i
@nomad... hope you don't "brick" it... If you do, eBay is full of cheap recent android devices....:)

i wasn going to try,(alone)

dj i try it several times,it downloads but not install it version8

wow version 9 goes great install quick.

thank you
Nomad, are you saying ARC Android is working on your Android 4.0.4?
yes and very good

i make a video moment
here is the video

i didn change a thing ,just downloaded version9.