ARC 2020.11.12.00 (Early Access)

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Project loading performance improvement

- Adjustable auto arrange skill padding in ARC preferences

- Fixe for the scrolling issue (

- Fix for javascript and python support for ShowDesktop() of virtual desktops

- Removed talk servo because it is now a plugin skill (

- new standard logging mechanism automatically to reports errors to synthiam

- allow delaying of update notices on startup of ARC

- enhancements to plugin update window when software loads

- fix for Terminal (PC) throwing an exception when attempting to transmit without a com connection

- customizable (infinite) virtual desktops

- Fix for auto start script command line options (

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Thanks DJ. Infinite’s virtual desk tops =invaluable.
#3   — Edited
Holy cow @DJ! It's worked!! The issue of the workspace sliding up under the menu bar seems to be gone. What a relief! 

Thanks so much for fixing this and the work you put into it. 

I also love the extra virtual desktops. I've been thinking of asking you for this for a long time now. Your like Apple, anticipating and implementing what the customer wants before they even ask!  

One question about removing an unwanted desktop; When I choose "Remove" will I get a warning if there are controls on it? I can see myself accidentally erasing a whole page of controls without this protection. 

Again, super job! I'm thrilled and can't wait to get started organizing my project.
#4   — Edited
:) you’ll get a warning. Won’t be removing any desktops with stuff on it

and thank you for the kind words. That’s nice to hear!