Using ADC (Analog to Digital) Ports, Commands and Controls.

Final Thoughts.

So hopefully you will see how useful the analog ports and ADC controls are, and how versatile these can be.

People hear the word "Analog" and think "old fashioned", but when you look in to it, analog can do some pretty cool stuff. There are members here that have customized servos and motors to help with position feedback, and even made their own pressure sensors just using some wire connected to an analog port.

With a better understanding of what you can use analog for, and how to add and use the available ADC controls, get creative and share your projects with the EZ-Robot community.

Happy building.

Tutorial created on 7th October 2015.


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can this detect the audio for a jaw movement on a robot?


If you have a analog audio level sensor (has a microphone) hooked up to the ADC you can detect the strength of audio levels.

You may be able to run the audio from the speaker breakout on the EZ-B v4 or IoTiny to an analog pin, I've never tried it but in theory it would work. It's a 3.3V audio amplifier. Although, it might mess up your audio if you still want audio going to the speaker. Worth a try I suppose.