Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)


This tutorial demonstrates how to modify speech synthesis in real-time within your text.

How To Do It

First, I need to give credit where credit is due. I didn't actually created this tutorial - instead, it was inspired and the video was created by Sebediah. I'm merely moving his information into this tutorial for others to find.

If you're looking for the thread that started this conversation, find it here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=10743

Sebediah figured out that you can include SSML code in your text to speak. He also created a fantastic tutorial video, which you can see below.

Here's an example of code he provided to give you a head start before the video:


#The tag is only needed if you're going to make other changes mid-sentence, otherwise you can just use the first tag and don't need the second one after the string.

$VoiceStart = "<prosody pitch ='+230%'>"
$VoiceEnd = "</prosody>"

SayWait($VoiceStart + "When I'm tired my voice gets very deep and I speak slowly" + $VoiceEnd)

$VoiceStart = "(prosody pitch = '+100%')"
$VoiceStart2 ="(prosody pitch = '+230%')"
$VoiceStart3 = "(prosody pitch = '-50%')"
$VoiceEnd = ""

SayEZBWait($VoiceStart + "normal voice" + $VoiceEnd)
SayEZBWait($VoiceStart2 + "high voice" + $VoiceEnd)
SayEZBWait($VoiceStart3 + "low voice"+ $VoiceEnd)

same voice out of the robot
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there are no 4 lines in the above chapter,i only 3 i see in the video.
but indeed it doesn work .
lol, no matter how many lines it does not work

thanks anyway
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This works in EZB scripts, all you need

ControlCommand("Speech Settings", "SetVoiceRate", "slow")
saywait("I am speaking strong")

ControlCommand("Speech Settings", "SetVoiceRate", "Fast")
saywait("Now i am speaking fast")

#Too fast to hear
#ControlCommand("Speech Settings", "SetVoiceRate", "ExtraFast")
#saywait("Now i am speaking extrafast")

ControlCommand("Speech Settings", "SetVoiceRate", "ExtraSlow")
saywait("Now i am speaking super slow")