Soundboard PC & Soundbard EZ-B tutorial.


This tutorial will guide you through how to set up and use the "Soundboard" controls to give your robot the ability to have sound effects and play music without any additional hardware. This tutorial will explain the various soundboard controls, what they do, and will give a couple of examples that you can play with.

Step 1. Soundboard Control Options.

In EZ-Builder, there are two soundboard controls. The two controls are a bit different from each other , but there is one major difference between the two...

Soundboard (PC): This plays any audio files stored in this control through your computers speakers.

Soundboard (EZB): This will send and play any audio files stored in this control through your EZ-B v4's built in speaker. The name of the Soundboard for the EZ-B v4 in the menu is referred to as (EZB), but the control will have the default name (V4).

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So lets have a look at the control options.

When a soundboard is added to your project, you will see a few options which have been colour coded for this tutorial. First, the Soundboard (PC).

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Red: "Stop:" Stops any audio files from playing.

Yellow: This is where the track number will be shown.

Green: When blank, clicking here will allow you to add an audio file. When the box has a file in it, clicking it will allow you to change the audio file.

Purple: Will play the corresponding audio file.

Brown: Will delete the corresponding audio file.

Blue: Takes you to the help section.

Orange: Deletes the control. (NOTE: If you have soundboard control commands in any scripts, it's advisable to remove these when you delete the soundboard).

On the "Soundboard v4" control, you will see couple of extra options...

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Green: This is the volume control slider for the "Soundboard v4" control.

Orange: Clicking this box will open the track editor where by right clicking your mouse, you can choose what part of the audio file you would like to play it from, and you can add scripts to a section of the audio file that will trigger the script when the part of the file is reached.

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Also, on both the (PC) and (V4) soundboards, by hovering the mouse pointer over the edge of the controls and holding down the left mouse button, you can resize the controls to a size of your choice.

Having a large control is great for editing the control and adding tracks.

Where as having it small is great if you play the sound files from scripts as this makes more room on your EZ Builder project windows to add other controls.

Next, we will set up a soundboard and add a track to it.


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