LattePanda Beginners Guide


In this Tutorial we will go over the LattePanda micro controller and its integration with the Synthiam Platform

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Install Firmware and EZ-Builder

Latte Panda:

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The COM port will change based on your lattepanda. It won't always be the same COM port for every lattepanda. Just use the COM port specific to your lattepanda, even if it's COM3 or COM9 or COM1 or COM1923924324 or COM5124124132423535
OK DJ I did try that using com7 and com 4, the downloaded Zip worked but when I try to use EZ Builder(latest Beta) I just get the connection error when I try that specific com port. I remember I had the same issue trying to connect EZBv3 with the Bluetooth connecting on EZ Builder and never figured that out either so I am thinking there must be some kind of missing or corrupt Com/USB files in my Latte Panda. I am using the unregistered Win10 but I see you used that as well in the video. I may think about re installing a newer registered version of Win10 on a jump drive I have.
You may have forgotten a step in the tutorial...

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Oh ya I did see that part and checked it. Still no go on connecting. So to be clear , No Ezb4 needs to be attached to do this .As I am assuming panda is converting to Ezb Inside as a 1 unit panda-Ezb-arduino. you also show the alternative method connecting an Ezb through camera port but I am not trying that method. 
So nothing else needs to be connected to the panda usb port except power and touch keyboard-mouse.I assume.

Well anyway, no big deal the windows 10 on the robot was the main thing. Much better than mobile cell phone Ez builder.Thanks for the suggestions.
Make sure arduino ide is closed before connecting to the internal lattepanda arduino with EZ-Builder
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So this ide is something I have not checked or familiar with. Will have a look at the meaning in panda troubleshoot forum.Thanks again DJ!
Ah Ok,LOL did not understand the Lingo,I get you now,seems many people have my problem,there are sollutions I can try.