robo cat angelica

Nomad 6R

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this is robo cat part 2.i am making this mini version to see where all hidden,
flaws are.later i wil scale them up so you can use the micro HDD.
sofar che has a body and head,and che's hungry.

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Cute. Looks like your 3D printer is turning out some fun stuff for you. I laughed when I saw the tail wag. LOL.
hi dave thanks.yeach its funny.che has a bigger tail now.
hey mickey

yeach che's cute and
User-inserted image

User-inserted image
User-inserted image is the first part for robo cat with micro HDD servo.its the choulder need to print two of these.
front&back ( choulder& hips ).in the picture you see the old mini without a servo,and on the other side the new upscaled ,
version with a servo in it .