Wowwee RoboQuad

DJ Sures


The WowWee RoboQuad makes for a perfectly affordable unique robot platform, with the aid of EZ-Robot.

  After adding support for his WowWee RoboSapien, DJ continued on to the RoboQuad! He added support within an EZ-B. After dissecting the RoboQuad and examining the Infrared Sensor - he realized the communication protocol could be reverse engineered.
  Using his Saleae LLC Logic Analyzer, he spent some time reverse engineering each command from the Infrared Remote Control that ships with the RoboQuad. The modification to the RoboQuad is very easy and can be done by just about anyone. Watch the video to see what amazing features you can add to your old RoboQuad toy!
Parts Used:

1 x Arduino Uno Microcontroller 1 x IoTiny 1 x Camera 1 x WowWee RoboQuad

  Hot Glue Gun
  Soldering Iron
  Philips Screw Driver
  Wire Cutters

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DJ, Ever thought of making this work with the IO Tiny?  I know it only worked with the EZ-BV3.  Or maybe now since we have the arduino interface we could make this work again.

Do do you have the digital sequences for the commands? Could you post them somewhere? These could easily be put in an array in the arduino- triggered via ARC.


Great video, thanks for all you instructions



DJ, Thats Cool!  I’ll see if I can find the command codes for the RoboQuad.  Did you have them  embedded in your C code for the ARC commands?  Is that something sharable?  Or will the Robosapien codes do something similar?


I too would love to see a roboquad build using i/o tinys and even small dynamixs servo's. If any one is in the process of one please share. Roboquad is on the greatest small quadapedal robots made, and have the cutest personality robot ever.


If I had or will ever get a robo quad I might make a new robot using a developer kit


Could you make the video unlisted so I can watch it again?


The fun part is that since the original webcams you used were too big to fit inside the head, you had to improvise. For the RoboSapien, you put the camera on a horizontal servo being held onto by a vertical servo on the side and put on the robots shoulder. For the RoboQuad, you did the same thing as well but on top of the front leg.


Thank you for making the video available!