Weeko The Robot V3


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A lot has changed since the last build picture but I just recently decided to pick back up the project and finish some of the things I started.

 Video will be published 7/7 at 11:00

Things I need to finish are the charging system and I have a new battery setup because the last one was really heavy and was hard on the servos for the wheels. I am still looking for a better drive system too. This is slow and noisy.

Some other videos

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Right on @nx2overide!

Looks like Weeko is coming together nicely and you definitely have the juice to motor around for a while:)

Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing how it turns out!
Welcome to the community.
Weeko is looking pretty good for your first robot.
It resembles a Turtlebot.
Thanks for sharing.
Nice start. Looks like a fun project. I really like the prototype approach you're taking. I'm sure you'll really enjoy learning and building. There's loads of help here. Just ask. Keep us up to date as you progress. ;)
Thanks everyone!, I enjoy seeing your ideas and appreciate any help I find on the forum. Most of my questions were already answered by other people in the community.

I have been doing a little work with the front using Aluminum because I am trying to keep the weight down.
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very nice, very interesting,

Thanks for sharing and your videos...

Hey... Thats looking awesome. coming along nicely. I like the wood frame, I use to do robots that way too since it was inexpensive. Now plastic and metal. Cant wait to see how it progresses. :D
You see that was a post from 2018. Not sure he will answer but he might. *cool*