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Antonn started off as Lilian. She had the ability to move through the family room, react using voice commands, speak, and amuse as requested. She had a camera mounted under her nose, and eyes that moved, followed via tracking etc. Her arms were originally borrowed from Jd, but were replaced with a weak copy of Poppy’s arms. The arms were modified to use standard servos instead of the strong dynamixel servos. Being a prototype, she has been stored away and may come back as Antonnett some day if, Antonn decides to retire.

Due to a Halloween project called Madame Ninndo, which was developed using an Ez Robot's EZBv4, the idea for Antonn came to be.

Lilian gave up her life for now. Modifications to the mask were made to allow jaw movement. The original easter egg eyes are replaced with doll eyes, giving a better look. (pun intended)

The scripting is a continuing process. Antonn currently can respond to about 30 plus phrases, turn on lights and appliances,(using old technology built before Alexa). He also uses Alexa to perform duties he is to lazy to do because she is very helpful. He will soon operate and interact with my R2D2 and Minion Stuart.

A video will come, but my video graphic skills are lousy. I will plan a time soon to have a conversation with Antonn and record it.

The computer I normally use doesn’t have Win 10 installed yet, so the new plugins are not able to run with him yet. I will install the upgrade soon and see how he converses with cloud power.

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Here are some construction pictures

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Additional pictures and a list of material will follow.
List of Materials

2 Masks from craft store
1 foam head (sized to fit with mask)
1 Sheet of 1/8 foam board
1 Mixing bowl for base
2 Plastic eggs which are changed to plastic doll eyes
3 Micro servos with hardware
1 Ez robot lever servo
1 Ez Robot standard rotation servo
1 Ez Robot mounting plate
1 optional 3d printed support washer for standard rotation servo
misc hardware, screws, push rod, nuts etc.

2 Ez Robot IoTiny with hardware
1 Ez Robot camera
1 Scary Terry sound board (to drive jaw servo)
1 terminal strip
1 optional 3 station remote control board and outlets
1 optional relay board (to operate remote)
1 converted computer power supply for 5vdc and 12vdc
1 set computer speakers
1 9vdc power supply for Scary Terry board (to be replaced by DC to DC adjustable converter)
1 Audio cable and socket
misc wire,connectors, etc

I will update the list if I forgot anything.

Questions or suggestions appreciated
Hello Patrick, I have been real busy and traveling a lot, but all is well. Good to hear from you. I will stay in touch.
do you have a pic of how you made the jaw?
I used 2 masks. I will try to find an old cut mask and get a picture, but I may have got rid of them. The jaw slides over the upper portion of the face. I made a small slot on each side of the jaw and used a small screw to guide the movement. The servo moves it up and down. It doesn't pivot. Look at post #2 April 2017. You can see how it is cut and the pushrod activates it. You will need to experiment a bit to get it working. All my new heads use this design for now.
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ok thanks, and as for the vocals, voice, any input?

I do have aimlBot, Alexa, voice commands down pretty well

Funny thing, I seen your video last week, one small question I asked, all your friends showed up, lol
I keep checking amazon for masks, where did you get yours?
The voice is generated by ARC through a Cepral voice I bought. If you look at my Madam Nindo post you can hear another example. I live in Connecticut and purchased the masks at a craft shop called Michael's. Party City is another place you can get them. About $5.00. Any of that style will work.
Thanks for all the info, I am going to give it a try
I understand how you have the eyes going right and left, how do you make them go up and down, so small in the eye?
I built a mechanism that allows both movements. I also am in the process of making it also blink. I am waiting until after the holidays. I will then have time to hopefully finish .
Great, I want to see the pic / video that allows both movements and blinks.

Have a great day
Hi Andy Roid and  EZang60  I have been working on my animatronic head Buddy and have made several 3d printed eye fixtures and you can learn from my testing as I learned quite a lot about robot eyes,  most cannot make the eyelids blink fast enough, this a big deal, I have found one that works very well and you can change the eye balls without changing the servo connections.  and of course you need a 3d printer,  I use a chinese delta under 200.00 and it has made two inmoov robots and 6 other robots and now buddy and it keeps making great prints.  I use PET-G filament it is easy to print stronger then ABS and will not melt like PLA  the free file for the eyes    looking forward to seeing eye lids on Antonn. xD
Very cool Andy...and very cool to find another robot fan from CT:)
Nallycat. Thanks for the eye info. If I remember correctly, I was told human eyes upper lid is really the only lid that moves when you blink. Check it out. The lower lid helps with expressions. I plan on using only the top lid for my current test eyelids. After the holidays I will get back to my robot projects. 
Robo, what town ?
hi andy&nallycat

did you know that humans had 3 eyelids.the little triangle in the inside corners of your eyes,
are actully residu of a thirth eyelid. 

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Im in Danbury:) and Im currently working on a few projects.
I'm in Meriden. Work is driving me crazy. I have no active projects... LOL
Hello NOMAD 6R, I hope all is well and your robots are enjoying the beginnings of winter.
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Hi, I posted my eye moving head robot, moving mouth - Mr. Roman, Antonn's cousin, lol, thanks for all your help
Hi Andy, I hope all is well, just want to say hi

EzAng 4/26/2020