Using Robosapien V2

Nomad 6R

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hi all i finally got the v2 up and idea was to use this one whit the ez-b4
iff possible.i also want to have the new camera on the left schoulder and if possible,
let the camera turn same way his head does.on the right side off his head a lazer ,
where i can choot balloons whit.i saw some great on a attacknids.all ideas are welkom.

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this project dont need speed just ideas.thank for reading :D

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South Africa
Where did you buy the laser from
South Africa
It is so awesome but where did you buy the laser from
i dont.but in the video you see the info.
has anyone found the lazer where to by it?
The EZ-B v4 doesn't work with the Robosapien or Roboquad
i wich someone told me this sooner.this is very disspointing.
To be fair Nomad18, it has always been known that EZ Robot only supported V1 of Robosapien...
in the answer off dj,none will work.i thoucht the v1 and roboquad would work.
so that leaves only make a complete robot.
Look online for Robosapian V2 hacks.
I am sure you can find an, ir hack to let you control the V2 with your computer and then EZ-B software may be able to take advantage of it.
The guys who hacked the V2 may be able to help you get it working.
My Robosapian V2 is dead, so replacing the electronics with an EZ-B and servos is the only way to bring mine back to life.
v2 has bad wirering whit is easly to replace..maybe one day i can by ez-bv3
were did you get that lazer, i would love to use this as a weapons defience lazer for my robot omega, that is if it will work for the ezb v4
Thank you, now to make a custom lazed gun attactment and an if script for omega lol
@Nomad... we had a discussion today... You stay away from those lasers now.... :P We like you with both your eyes...:)

haha.i wont use i know they can reflec on other stuff to.
Lol I was wondering what the uv glasses were for, I hate to be blind before I can even finish omega lol