The Real Wall-E

DJ Sures


DJ Sures has made a few Wall-E mods in the past, but this one is sure to be unique! DJ added a camera and a vertical servo to Wall-E's head. With these new additions, EZ-B and ARC, this Wall-E can now track facial, color and motion. DJ also demonstrates voice recognition control to make Wall-E dance!

  This Wall-E hack from DJ Sures turned out great! DJ used the <a href="";  style="color: #FF9900;">EZ-B Robot Kit</a> to build an amazing real life Wall-E! He added the camera from the kit to Wall-E's head for visual tracking. He then added a horizontal neck servo and vertical head servo. Now this Wall-E can visually track motion, color and faces in two dimensions... Up, down, left and right!
  For extra character, DJ added Wall-E sounds to actions and some voice commands. He whistles when asked to follow your face. He sighs and moans when his favorite red ball is taken away from him. Do not worry, he quickly perks up when asked to dance to the movie's familiar music score.
  Be sure to watch the video and see this Wall-E in action!
Parts Used: 1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit 1 x Wall-E U-Command Toy Tools: Hot Glue Gun Dremel



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