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OK, check out what I scored!

It's a RAD 1.0 robot toy. Someone gave this to me, new in box, never even used!

I'm excited to hack it like crazy and install the EZ-Robot hardware.

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These rad shells are awesome. I really need to get one!:)
yes i like the RADS TOO,i have 2 RAD1.0 one for EZB and other to fully restore
on the RAD2.0 I have 4 of them,one great for the B9 that BRET is making another iusing going to be RAD project that another user is making one a full restore ,no EZB and other ?
i would check out omnibot project by JOSH for using dynamate to reduce the noises in the tracks ,they are loud
plus GOING TO BE RAD PROJECT has a nice eye interface
so check out others for ideas on making your better

DJ rads are very cheap on ebay about $20 or under ,i got 2 of them $15 each
and thrift store has them too,got one for $10 including remote and missiles,,little broken,but base was good for THE B9 robot by BRET
I almost feel bad hacking this one because it's essentially brand new. It's never even been powered up.

These don't come with batteries, you have to buy a Tyco battery and charger separately and they're not something you find at every corner store. That's why the original owners never even used it.

I'm thinking about getting the battery pack and charger combo below to power the RAD and the EZ-B since it's a 7.4v pack (the RAD pack is 6.0v) I figure it should power the whole setup just fine. Plus it's a nice battery with a high energy density so I should be able to power all the planned addons too.

My biggest concern right now is how I'm going to integrate the camera in a way that's clean and functional without making it too much of a hack job. Basically I want it to look factory.
Right now I'm thinking of making a plastic extension ring that fits between the upper and lower head shells. I'd have a hole for the camera lens in that and point it out like a mouth. I actually think the RAD 2.0 is the better choice if anyone was going to buy one for this purpose, but I am not complaining about free!

Wish I had a 3D printer. Maybe I need to finish that project first...

Any thoughts on the camera idea or on this battery choice?

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@DJSures I'm really surprised you don't already have one in your fleet. Their size would really make them great for on stage demo's and other public appearances. Also, there's lots of room inside for accessories. And heck, they shoot missiles! :)
DJ Sures is the EZ-Robot motor controller up to driving the motors in something this size?
If so, I'm going to order one. If not, is there one you'd recommend?
RAD is very cool. It can drive outside and pick up a basket ball in the grass and carry it. Not too many robots anywhere can do that. Drives like a tank and picks up large objects.
Total RAD.
I'm thinking about arming it with a laser and letting it guard the house.
By the way , that base does very well with 12v to the motors. Waaay more torque which is great if you go outside. Brett ran his with like 17 pounds on it , 6v barely moves and couldn't turn on carpet but when he changed the battery to 12v all problems solved! =) yes you can use Dj l298n controller it's good for 2 -2.5 amp per channel
Careful with powerful lasers.
If you blind someone you would haft to pay them for the rest of your life even if they had broken into your house. Plus you wouldn't want the robot to blind anyone in your family.
The red laser pointers are safe for robots use and family fun. Aim and watch the pet chase the laser dot. Plus a robot with a laser looks cool.
If you will never use the RAD controller, you could sell it on ebay.
if you need higher torque i sell motors the fit inside the RAD TRACKS BASE
check out the motors i sold to JOSH on his omnibot project
he is using it on also his RAD 2.0 BASE