Tamiya Bulldozer Robot

DJ Sures


This is a tutorial on how to modify the Tamiya Bulldozer to be driven by modified servos rather than the DC motorset. The software controlling this robot is ARC.

  The Tamiya Bulldozer Kit is a favourite amongst robot builders. There is only one problem with the kit... It is powered by DC gear driven motors, yuck!
  This project demonstrates how to modify the bulldozer kit to use modified servos in place of the DC motor set. The modified servos provide greater accuracy of speed control. They are also pretty strong without needing to move quickly.
  The software controlling the robot is ARC.

Peripherals: 1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit 1 x Tamiya Bulldozer Kit 1 x sharp gp2d05 distance sensor Tools: Screw Driver Small Side Cutters Hot Glue Gun Zip Ties

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I kinda want you to reupload the video please

#2   — Edited

It's been almost three years and I haven't noticed you put it up again, but thank you!


Haha wow you're pulling out all the good ole historical videos lately!