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I have started creating a Jarvis(similar to Rich's Jarvis) in ARC using speech recognition, pandorabot(not yet though, has a hard time with me), A fair bit of scripts, camera's(for home security, not implemented yet though), and some other things.

He can currently tell the weather, jokes, local news, and can have fights with me.

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If it's like my Jarvis then pictures aren't going to be useful since my Jarvis is not at all a physical item:)

I'll be watching this one closely.
^just a quick vid of how I want the initialization to work.^
It appears we are gonna have a lot of projects named Jarvis:p its to be expected though. Lots of iron man fans out there.
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True, although I'm a little surprised since Jarvis isn't actually physical in Iron Man. But that's the beauty of it, everyone will have a different approach to what Jarvis should look like. Like your (Josh) Omnibot 2000, Technopro mentioned Wall-E, me personally (if I make it a physical robot) I'll be building it from a RAD (already has the housing for an ARC reactor in the chest :))
Have you already obtained your rad?
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Yeah I picked up my RAD around Christmas time, currently he is sat waiting for his EZ-Bification in my spare room along with a whole bunch of other 'bots. But I have a Wall-e and Melvin to sort out first, so for the foreseeable my Jarvis will be just a voice:)
Ok. Time for an update.

So I have the bootup done so now it's a matter of adding functionality to him through other programs.

Will post vid soon.
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What voice recognition are you planning to use?
I was looking into dragon. Though I may find an alternative.
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For accuracy, in as much as the accuracy you'll need for dictation you will need to use Dragon. However, DNS doesn't work with ARC out of the box and looks like it will need a lot of setting up to get it to work in ARC, it certainly wont be natively supported so no doubt will be a bit of a bugfest.

As great as ARC is, I have to say that I'm not sure it is the right tool for the job unless you specifically need to use an EZ-B within the controls. I have been looking at moving my Jarvis over to ARC using EZ-Script etc. but it's getting to be messy, still relying on other software and the ARC portion feels like it's just been thrown in there purely so it can be used (where it isn't exactly needed)... which is right since that is what I've done.

I suspect, with mine at least, the ARC portion will be dropped until I get around to adding the actual robot to it, then ARC will be controlled via other software not the other way around.

Just one man's opinion not meant to discourage you, use it however you feel necessary or disregard it:)
Right now im concerned with brainstorming ideas for cool features.

Wirelessly controlled outlets


speech to text abilities

temperature reading

the ability to do math with the numbers I tell him

add a siri like feel
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First off, Windows SR is crappy and more like Speech Activation not recognition.
Microsoft SR Macros are limited, if you want full control with better integration (i.e. change the "start listening") you'll want to use EventGhost and VoxCommando(not free).

I got bored of watching so skipped through the last 10 minutes or so, sorry but his mickey mouse voice was just really annoying. But, did it give voice feedback like Jarvis or was it just a bunch of macros to open stuff up? I saw the weather and it opened IE with a weather website.

It's a good start but I think you would be disappointed with what you can do using Windows Speech and Macros.

It may be still uploading by the time I his send on this but here is my weather, just for a comparison...

A little more inspiration, this is just some of the info my Jarvis knows (he knows a lot more, I'm just too lazy to display everything - plus it takes a while to find out what is displayed as it is so much more and it would cause a massive demand on the server).

My jarvis basic info screen (Demo mode, I don't want you guys controlling my house!)
Realtime flash based gauges which I plan to use in the final web based info pages.
Heating/Hot Water/Temperature graph (can get kinda slow due to the amount of data). I have an electricity one too but that's too slow to share, it'll wind up crashing my server if too many people hit it.

Bearing in mind, I've barely touched the features which are available. If I had the time and motivation it could do so much more. But that should give you a few more ideas:)

Edit: I just watched it all the way through and to be honest I was cringing at the methods used. I personally wouldn't follow that tutorial, it wouldn't produce satisfactory results in my opinion.

Another edit: Because it's not EZ-B related I can't go in to too much detail here but I will be building a website covering the Jarvis I have, it'll be all at No eta for anything though since time is limited at the moment.
thanks for the suggestions Rich.

still looking at suggestions.