Smart Cute Trash Can


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not finished, but it was my idea to make smart trash can, This is just an experiment, later I plan to make a trash can that transformed into robots, when detecting the garbage that is on the floor, the wheels will come out from the bottom. also hand out right and left trash can body.

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haha very funny,and good for the salesmarket.
Nice! that was awesome. Makes throwing out the trash fun.
That will be too cool when you add the arms to help pick up stuff to feed your trashbot.
Fantastic... I want one.. Great Job!

hi All,:)

yes is not finish yet, now i work for his arm who can hiding on the body and come out if is neened.
Cute. I didnt expect the eye's to pop up in the lid. :D
I had the idea at first of making a smart trash can instead of my rolling humanoid, but never thought of giving it such cute personality lol i love it
hi all...:)

little hard to developing his arm,because i want the arm can hiding on his body when he stanby mode