Robot Steve My First Synthiam Robot


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Hey Everyone,

Here is my first robot I made since I got my kit couple days back. I am surprised at how easy it was to get going. I am able to control the robot with an N64 controller which is awesome!

Here are the features:

Head Wireless Camera with movement left right down up
2 LED Eye lights
Arm movement Down Up
Gripper Open Close
Ping Sonar
Bluetooth Speaker

I 3D printed the gripper arm designed by user jjshortcut on Thingiverse

Then I just cut out the body from mattboard and used hot glue to put it all together. Hot glue is nice and strong!

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Most excellent! Hot glue is amazing stuff. One more arm on the other side even if its not motored would be a nice balance....even if its matt board. :)
your right i should think of something. I think I will print a little arm with a holder so it can carry stuff.
United Kingdom
Printing arms the shape of things to come (excuse the pun)
N64 controller? How are you doing this ?
Check out that little blue box on the table next to the robot. It is a N64 to usb adapter I had purchased a long time ago that came useful right now!
That's cool. I like the ps3 remotes the best I believe.
HOT melt is ok for easy to make robots,but i use mostly aluminum for a better bond and more professional look and design.
Also easy to remove the part without all that glue you need to scrape off.