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Just curious if the release is still gonna happen? been chomping at the bit to get the micro size ez board!?

New Ez Board And Robot?

I was under the impression that there was an over haul on the ez board and new stuff coming out? I about to buy the board but if a new one about to come out ill hold off?

Wireless Camera

Can you use any wireless camera? I already have a couple so I figured I just use those and save myself a couple bucks. Also what are the spec on this one?

Smooth Servo Movements

I noticed that a lot of robots on here don't have fluid movements, rather very jerky and not dynamic. Is this due to mechanics, servo, programming or everything in between?

Servo City Gear Box

How do these work? I would like two use two of them for my shoulder joint but am unsure if I can hook these up just like a normal servo? It would seem with a standard servo you would get like no rotation with the gear ratio

More Inputs

For the to to I'm about to build I need 18 servos 2 dc motors and a couple ultrasonics but as far as I know the ez board only has 20 digital I/O's and it looks like the motor controller takes 5!? How and can you add more servos controls? And can the program control more then 1 board?

Ezb And Android

Just wondering if android device like a powerful tablet could run the program itself without a pc or windows 7? Otherwise I'm gonna buy a embedded bord that way I can take it anywhere

Program System Requirements And Mini Ez Board?

There is no info on what the program needs to run smoothly. Im geting a mother board that I can mount on the robot it's a pico it'd with a 1.6 atom dual core and 1 gig of ram that will have windows 7 and the ez software and that's it. I want to use this board because its super smal and only uses 8w of power. Also I saw a video with a mini ez board...

Controller Faq

I looking to get into robots and this looks like a perfect solution. I plan on making a quadruped robot using 14 servos and the camera. It seems this controller will do that but I plan on using a lipo battery but don't know what voltage the board will take and what I should use?
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