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New here! Hi my name is Nick. I've been following EZ Robot for quite sometime now. I own both Robo Quad and two Omnibot 5402's. I would like to start to hack both the Quad and one of the 5402. For the 5402. I would like to build my Omni with moving arms and wrist, head, and with Ezb software, and still serving drinks on the tray?. I would love to paint this one up. I was thinking the color scheme of R2-B1 (yellow,blue and his head finished in aluminum color)
I am noob, and I am excited to make my Omnibot come to life.:D

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Welcome! If you want some form of a guide for your omnibot build, you should search the project showcase and see what others have done.

By the way, love the R2-B2!
Thanks @MazeHorizon-Techno. I have checked everyone's builds, and I enjoy them all. I like Niek's and DJ's. I'm thinking of going the same route, and also, maybe adding home safety features like a smoke detector, and possibly a alarm as security. So much to think about.
Welcome! This community is the best! They are very helpful. Me not so much since I am still trying to figure it all out. But sounds like you have a plan! Best of luck!
So yesterday, I bought a second Omnibot (pictured on the right) locally for $60. He needs some cosmetics. Need to get a new dome from eBay, going to peel oem stickers, and take him all apart. Since I already have the idea of painting him like R2-B1, he pretty much going to be the color of Gru's Minion, so my lovely girlfriend and I chose to call him "Omnibob."
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Last update for today. I have taken apart Omnibob, the inside of him was pretty disgusting. I have a pristine condition Omni and well, I'm still debating to keep him original since he is 100% complete.
So his computer will go on in the original Omni since the screen and deck is working. Man his brain is pretty huge, I can't wait to see how it will run with the EZB. I also want to see if I can run a faster motor in his treads. I use to have to a lot of rc cars. I'm wondering has anyone place a brushless motors in to these Omni's?

My updated pics
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I did a large cutout in the bottom of my omnibot and replaced the plastic with plywood. Then I added steppermotors with kickbike wheels and 2 casterwheels.
I did it because I got tired of the slow speed and high noise from the original drive.
Now mine is fast and powerful, and sounds like an old printer when running:)

But you could simply just add geared dc motors. It will be a huge improvement.
I can imagine it would be! For my big robot I'm currently using gear motors and caster wheels. Pretty efficient but have to be careful about reverse voltage.
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First off, welcome to the forum.:) You've got a nice little collection of robots there, and you'll have a lot of fun with the Omni and EZ-B marriage. I like the Astromech you have in the first picture.

What I've used in my E4-B4 Astromech build, is two motors and gearboxes form one of them kids ride-on cars. They are readily available as spare parts and come in 6, 12 or 24v sizes and are all in one units sometimes with mounting holes. I went for a couple of 12v motors which have a lot of torque and were fairly cheap to by. Inrun these through a 12 motor controller/h-bridge which connects to the EZ-B. I will be changing the motor controller to a Sabertooth soon.

There's a few different options you can go with in regards to motor types that you can go for, and it'll be interesting to see what you end up using.

Anyway, nice to have you here, and if you have other questions, the community here is always willing to help.:)
Thank you everyone! I hope to learn a lot from everyone and their builds. I am a total noob when it comes to electronics. I always wanted to get a hold of a robot, and I finally got the one I wanted since childhood. This is a new hobby for me, for the past years my hobbies consist of putting models together.

@glycol79 I would like to see that setup.

@SteveG thank you for the welcoming. I enjoy your "Astro" build, I am following your build! Big fan of Star Wars and Astros.

I would like the Droid to be a bit taller, like having the bottom skirt off a Omni 2000, might help me add more hardware and possibly if it makes since, maybe a bigger motor and gears to make it go faster.

Also, does anyone know how to fix an original Omnibot? I love the fact I can have an all original Omnibot while having a "resto-mod" Omnibot. I tried contacting Omnibot repair, seems the repairer wants to only contact you once and when replying, he does not contact back. Anyways off topic.
I have some great ideas with the little guys. I hope to keep up with your builds as well as mine!
Happy Building!
So, I have a lot of projects. Finishing up my scale models, awaiting my Stormtrooper armor to come in to the mail, and now this, a Omnibot 2K. Bought for $119.00, needs some serious work.
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