Humble beginnings. Haven't gotten beyond testing the movement of motorized pieces as of yet but everything is basically functioning correctly. He still needs some tweaking to make the parts fit a little better but there seems to be little interference or rubbing of moving parts so thats a big plus. This is literally my first 3d print as i bought and assembled my first printer about 5 weeks ago so things are improving as i continue. Its been a huge amount of fun and i just thought i'd share a couple of pics and hopefully some video soon.

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Not sure why these photos formatted sideways when i uploaded. First time posting anything lol sorry about that guys.


Welcome to the community. Your InMoov is looking great, it's allows nice to have another InMoov builder here. You are going to love running your robot with EZ -Robot. I've found that if I format pictures with MS Paint before posting them, they show up properly. You can edit the pictures in your post if you want to.


Mr Houston, thanks for the encouragement. Your Inmoov was actually the first build i'd seen and how i discovered this project in the first place. I believe it was through a youtube link while searching for other bot related information. I was so impressed that i immediately began researching and planning my own build. That was about 6 months ago and I finally got started about 1 month ago. It's easily been the most fun and interesting project ive worked on yet. Most of my experience with robotics is through the arduino and beaglebone platforms but i had bought an EZ-B v4 around the same time as i had discovered the Inmoov and it wasnt long before i also realized it would be a perect option as my Inmoov controller. I also used much of your posted video, pics, and information to help guide my build along with, i believe, another member here who goes by Aerius. His inmoov is quite impressive and well documented also. So once again, big thanks for everything.

United Kingdom


Your InMoov is looking great, and as Bob has said, it's good to have another InMoov builder here. I must of admit building InMoov and using the EZB controllers has been a life line for me, given through-out 2016 I had some major health issues, and it's kept me active through some very dark periods.

Also the V4/2 comms board upgrade are fantastic, I have 2 controllers in my InMoov and do not get any drop out or lockup now, using the new comms board.

Keep posting your progress.

Cheers Chris.


Chris, thank you. Your Inmoov looks terrific! How long have you been working on it? I really like how his face is finished. Is that one piece?Cant quite tell from the photo but its a super clean and tidy look. Very nice. Also guys i wanted to say I appreciate any hints, help, and even constructive criticisms that anyone may have. Its about learning, not already knowing, i think so please don't hesitate. Thanks again Chris, and get well Sir.


Man discovers fire

User-inserted image

Inmoov discovers Ez-b :)

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William, yes I spent a long time on the head ( far to long! ) filling the joints with ABS rubbed down and used a filler spray and then a top coat.

I've been building the Inmoov for about a year on and off due to my health issues, ( was in Hospital last Xmas having my right Kidney removed and lymph nodes ). I completed the build about 2 mths ago, but I'm re-doing the right arm and hand at the moment, out of PET-G filament as PET-G doesn't shrink or warp and its much stronger than ABS. And had the left arm already printed with PET-G and the white color is much brighter and whiter than the ABS.

Also upgraded with the new V4 /2 comms boards which are great, EZ Robot's are a GREAT company!

Thinking of getting some 'IOTiny' units to play around with, once there back available to order again!

I find although I've finished inmoov, there's always things to improve and add, also re-doing the back cover parts again. Bob Houston has done some fantastic improvements to Inmoov.

Don't hesitate on asking any questions on build issues with the Inmoov or EZB, I was completely new to 3D printing and brought a Flashforge dreamer to print inmoov, and its been a very sharp learning curve, getting prints just right, especially when using other filaments than just PLA or ABS.

Cheers, Chris.


Chris, all the work you've put in definitely shows. I like the face so much that im thinking of replacing the eye and mouth with a one piece version i found on thingiverse. Thanks for the inspiration! :) I havent tried any material other than pla mostly because im doing this project in my basement and the ventilation is not so good. From what ive read pla appears to be much less toxic when heated than abs so i mostly based my decision of material based on that. Never heard of PET- G though. Something else to look into. Thanks for the tip. Im using an afinibot a3 prusa clone that came as a kit to print mine. It was a nightmare to assemble due to a few missing parts, wrong parts from older models,and even an incorrectly machined part. All of this i fixed myself or used alternate parts i had from other projects. I had a long weekend free to get it setup and didnt want to wait on reorders. It was an ordeal for sure but it was also alot of fun and it really forced me to understand the machine so probably a good thing in the long run. I think im getting decent prints at this time but im still learning so sometimes its hard to judge. I mostly use photos of other inmoovs for some kind of reference to quality. Anyways, really cool of you to offer so much information. I very much appreciate you taking the time.