Losing Louie (Drone 3 from the movie "Silent Running")


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Video Story:1 "Losing Louie" (Drone:3) is lost after a solar storm. From the wonderful1972 movie "Silent Running"

I commissioned this (one-off) amazing Diorama and Drones from Brian Jones of Destiny Models - The quality of Brian's work is stunning, everything is hand made with incredible detail! The Diorama took Brian over 3 weeks to make, I produced the electronics/FX. I am so happy with this prop, it looks awesome in my studio Drone collection!!

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#1   — Edited
Yes, incredible detail and your electronics/FX is excellent.
Alway great work, thanks for displaying this.

Iam also interested in your ALTAIR robot, face emotions, how to accomplish this on a tablet.

#2   — Edited
Tony!! This is sooooo cool. I'm drooling with jealously. The light show and how they are synced really makes this pop and come alive. Your added FX tricks are a fun add. 

You should do something like this with your big Space 999 Eagle. That's another peace of your collection I've never gotten over. LOL.
Oh yes! Nostalgia, what a great movie that was when I was a kid, sad too but still great, Think I will try to search it again on Kodi, Great job with those bots!