Diy Awesome Project Case Made From Netgear Routers And Superglue


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OK pretty simple idea here. I have noticed actual project cases are usually very ugly and very expensive. Then even if you find a good deal it may be very difficult to get a similar or matching case later. Ooooh the problems today's nerds face right? Here I will show how I used 12 dollars worth of used and probably broken routers , a dremel and a few drops of super glue to make a cool case. :). I will use it to house a light , fan and ezb but you can customize your application!
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I like it when a plan comes together,,, re-purpose, re-cycle, EZ.
Super EZ! First step is grab two or three ( or more) matching routers. You can do this with most net gear routers , some linksys , bell in ext. First off routers are great looking and because they come out so often finding a used one or broken one on craigslist or eBay is usually easy.

First we need to take the router apart. I found I had to use a t4 security bit. I carefully marked the first router and after a few seconds of trimming I was able to line up the case and place some masking tape on them to hold them in place.
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I ran a bead around the seam both inside and out of super glue and the pieces were held secure by tape...
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Next I wanted to add an extra layer to make a triple stack... I carefully trimmed the edges again except this time I left the posts that the bottom panel can still screw to.
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I'm making this case as a permanent replacement for the experimental led light and a ezb controller of course ;). Here are comparison pics
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Side by side you can see one is twice as tall. That's more room for electronics:)
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My idea is to increase lighting to 2 or three rows of three LEDs for a total 60 to 90 watts wow!
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Three stacking the routers is perfect to fit two 60mm fans ( and double stacking will fit 3 40mm fans)

Blue LEDs are on the way from China. I have considered using the two whites I already have but I may replace them. In the future I'm mounting LEDs with screws for easy replacement.
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I will more than likely mount the ezb upside down for easy wire access from the bottom.
Who says robots have to be Ugly , good Job!
Thanks guys! I love to reuse cool items in different ways
Most routers have useful tidbits inside them to. And they just look good with the air vents, good idea.
Yup I robbed the antennas and DC jacks from them too
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Those antennas could be really good to extend/improve the range of your cameras and the EZ-B. I am doing something similar on my Gunslinger Bob.
It would be nice to make a small amp circuit to boost ezb Bluetooth to class one power range... Then have a little antenna like this.
You can make or buy a little op amp for less than $5
Nice work. It has a real professional and chrome/metallic-like look to it. A great way to turn something ok into something really great.:)
There many parts in routers,and boxes are great,so far i dont think i have any bad yet

On my linxsys routers i get i turn them in to a very powerfull router using LINUX check dd-wrt site
its free ,and all you need is a heatsink and fan,and some changes and firmware update and then i sell them on ebay,others are doing the same.

It makes them lot faster