Monoprice Mini Printer v2

Nomad 6R

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Topic about 3d printing. How to start with 3d printing.

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i will recieve today the pla blue 1 kilo.:D indeed print straight out the box.i have grey filement on its way too.
and two pla white .i go for the elefant.
You need to be careful when buying real low price filiment. The quality of the base material can cause plugging of the nozzle  due to contaminates or poor base material which can be an issue. This can require a lot of work to clear. Low quality filiment often has diameter variation which can cause feed jams. Many of these filiments are made of recycled material which has minimal quality control. I tried some low priced materials but had problems. I then bought decent priced filiments and once I found a dependable supplier and a filiment that worked well I stayed with it. 
Stay with materials and suppliers that have a good following. Watch their ratings and feedback.
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User-inserted image
User-inserted image
hi andy

i found some interesting pics for checking your settings.also i have a question.
i have alot of dust here.would it be safe to put a chelf above the printer?see pic above.?

a few more days and its allreddy christmas for me.3d printer will be here.
so am working on a ARC to keep an eye on your 3d printer while he's printing.
just in case you need for excample go to the bathroom , i need to upload,
many idea is simpel,when the camera sees one of the pics he will ,
play an alarm ,one from wall E .my question is .is it ok to use the iotiny,
with a wall socket 7.4 volt and camera and two mini servo's for ,lets say 8 houres.
in the video i use a red ball insteadt od a pic.
User-inserted image

the printer has arrive and first print is done.
I am happy to see it running and hear that you like it. You needed a 3D printer. Now you can take the next steps with your building robots.
convert foto into stl

here is an interesting link.super any foto into the workspace and press refrech and download.
the amazing thing is dat you only see it when you hold it into the light.
i am making one now from jd.i wil post it later.

thank you andy

here is the video.there are only two setting to make.

here is the result of the lithophane.awesome details .
Nice Job !

Looks like your on your way to print up all kinds of things !

Have Fun

yeach.its like drugs.ones you start you cant stop.tomorow another lithophane with glow in the dark filament.
User-inserted image

just 5 min out of my bed and the printer is allreddy printing.:p
i think its the sound and the smell of's is another succses,
print,the famous dumbo,have something with that name.xD
hi david thank you .another baby stpe further,hehe
User-inserted image
stunning with no skills you can print this.
How long did the owl print take?
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top bat case
bottem case
i always wanted to make a batterie case.wel and i did.
User-inserted image
there are two parts ,one slide in the other.there is a pin and hole in the back.
there is room for a tiny screw ontop or a tire wrap in in pic.
the case is a little bit bigger then the lipo batt.just incase it chould swell up.
printing time is about 2.5 hour per part.i hope you all find it usefull.