Modified Omnibot 2000


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I am working on an old Omnibot 2000. It was in bad shape to begin with, so it didn't seem such a crime to give him a new coat of paint and an extra 8 inches of height. He is sporting an Asus t91mt multitouch convertible netbook. He was designed with a different robot controller in mind- but since discovering the EZ-B, I have changed plans and have one on order. He is pretty much a blank canvas at this point- if anyone is interested, I will post updates and take suggestions on the build as he becomes a member of the EZ-B family.:)

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Now that's awesome...

I think their is no crime in changing color and adding height. Cutting into them and reworking everything is what its all about.

Love the color too. I would like to see you update us on your progress. My bot is buried in the forum down a ways.
link to my bot

check it out if you have time.... its your bot's short, fat, stupid and slow older brother:D

How did you change the height? That is real neat! I have one of those 2000's. I have NO idea what to do with it. Looks like you beat me to it:D
The height was increased by bolting a small wooden frame to the Omnibot 2000 base. The robot comes apart in two halves here- so it was a natural place to add to the structure. I am no carpenter- so don't poke too much fun at the Homer Simpson-like quality of construction.;)

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I cant see anything to poke fun at. Its a great build!
I myself am truly inpressed at the total project! I can't wait to see what's next.
Wow! Omnibot 2k looks great! I love that you made it taller. I think I'd like to do that with my Robie Sr.

Question: Does the wooden frame increase the weight significantly at all? Yours looks sturdy. I'd like to try and use the existing motors from my bot (if they work!). Or are you using different drive motors other than the stock Omnibot 2k motors?

Again, great looking bot!
The frame does not add too much weight. Plus, there is a steel weight in the base you can remove to offset some of that. (Tomy put the weight in to lower the center of gravity, so things Omnibot picks up won't tip him over)
Most of the extra weight is from the 9.5 amp/hour Power Wheels battery you see back there. I cut some of the old base away so that the battery sits in the accessory drawer, as low to the ground as possible.

I am using the original drive system. It still works well enough to drive him around. It is kinda noisy though...
I really like that pic of inside the bot with the EZ-B. Looks at home:)

You did a nice job at keeping it clean. Real clean!

What are the red wires for? It looks like they may be ADC or on the power header, i can't tell
The red wires lead to a couple of analog sensors that I had laying around to test the EZ-B ports: a temperature sensor, and a potentiometer. I tucked the sensors out of the way for the picture. The other circuit board in there is what I first bought to act as the robot controller. It will be coming out soon, as the EZ-B will be handling all of the robot functions. (That is, as soon as I can get my hands on your new motor controller when it hits the market :D )
Haha, very soon:) We're all waiting in excitement for the DHL dude to come by today!
Any videos man? What stuff did you add from your dhl shipment?
Cant wait to see more!
I second that , after seeing this bot I have thought about making my bot a couple inches taller:)
If I ever do an omni2000 it will be a cross between this one jstarne1's! I love the height! Plus add waist twisting!
Pretty please add more pics in better light or flash , and a video of it moving , also could you weight him for me:) , you can weight yourself then pick up the bot and weight again , subtract the difference. I really want to see the little guy move! I'm looking at making mine taller as well and this info is invaluable.
you omnibot looks good.i am doing the same but smaller screen and no height ,adding height adds more weight and need a bigger battery or shorter run time
if you are looking to a super good AI software called LEAF check out
but adding weight can use many other light weight materials ,like fiberboard ,or aluminium