Meet "dusty ", Modded Omnibot 4 Home Security Cam, Vacuum , Air Filter,sanitize


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Hello EZ Robot! Meet Dusty, he is a omnibot torso and I currently have the choice of robbie at head or a omnibot done where you can see inside. He will handle a few basic functions and us made more simple than his big brother Jarvis.

1. He can vacuum (which is loud) with power brush and impeller
2. He can "sweep" nearly silent by running the power brush at a reduced voltage and a small DC blower providing low level auction.
3.dusty will have two germicidal bulbs ,.one facing downward to the floor and another behind intake fans that not only cool electronics but it pulls air through a Honeywell two stage carbon filter.
4.dusty has 4 build in filters foam pre filter , and 3 carbon filters.
5. He will have a camera on pan tilt bracket. He will be controlled by Bluetooth or wifi.
6. Long runtime , 2 x 12v 7ah batteries.

Any other suggestions guys?

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Thanks guys! The good news is I've only lost the ability to blink from the mod but I believe I can mount a micro servo on the bottom and use a pushrod to move them instead. Even if I ditch blinking its not a big deal , robots don't need to blink anyways lol.
I like that he has a blue Mohawk now ! All the plastic that was in the center that held LEDs is gone now so you can see through to the PCB of the camera.
That's a great idea. Maybe put 3-4 LEDs lighting it from different directions but make them flash randomly when he is thinking or concentrating.
I wouldn't add anything to bright though. Use low current LEDs.
OK tiny update. I believe I have decided to put the ezb in the drawer but I'm still fitting things. I'm concerned about the position of a ultrasonic sensor mostly. I'm gonna think about it a couple hours and get back at it.