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HI all

This is my robot AEGIS.

He is made from scrap parts found in a local junkyard and old metal offcuts from my workshop.

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The chassis is made from 2"x2" box section mild steel.
The upper frame made from 1"x1" box section mild steel.

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The Torso is made from a drain inspection chamber that i got from a local builders merchant.
It was damaged so couldnot be used for drainage .

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The torso twist motor is from the junkyard , Its a window motor from some 1980s car.
The air tank for the pneumatic system came from a old truck , It was the air tank for the brake system.

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I made a tempary head out of cardboard , To get the look right.

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I then used the carboard head as a template to make a metal replacment.

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The brains have flashing LEDs to add that cyborg look.

Im waiting for the motor controller (sabertooth) to arrive . Let the ROBOLUTION begin.

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More posted as i make progress.

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Strong design, this robot could patrol the most dangerous neighborhoods!
I recognize that the wheel motors are wipers, I'll be waiting for the progress of your project
That's a really great start . I always love recycling and using parts that you have access too. If someone broke into your house and Aegis came around the corner they would be hoofing it out of there pretty quick for sure !:)
United Kingdom
Thank guys

@ww321q You hit the nail on the head . That's the effect i was trying for . wait untill you hear him speak.

Ill be recycling lots of great tips and ideas from you guys , And add my own twist .

Many thanks , You folks rock.

Welcome back!
United Kingdom
cheers good to be home .

i noticed pinhead is getting there glick
Not as much as I'd like. :/
Will Aegis be featured on "Real Steel 2"?:D
United Kingdom
hes kinda like a retired battle bot . you know a grumpy old git , with a bad attitude :)
hehe I know the type.:)
United Kingdom
he s like my dad ya got to love him , but he can moan the back legs off BIGDOG .
looks really good,is it your first robot design
my first one was a cardboard robot when i has about age 6
my first real robot was a popular science design i think back in the 70's
used large motors on alarm box and on top was a heater metal covering and on the top was a metal ss dome with very old camera CRT TUBE TYPE,board i ordered from company that had the design in popular magazine ,there was a lot and a lot of chips,cpu was motorolla 6800 maybe 5 mhz speed and it worked greati have a very old photo of it poloroid ,but DJ said cant post any design unless its EZB
i think i have over 70 robots,some working on fully restore,some EZB may be 30,and some i built using my favorate AI software ,that DJ said i cant post about it
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Not my first but the biggest iv tryed .
my first robot was a turtle bot powered by a sincler (timex) spectrun.
in mid 80's worked ok but very limited.
yes i made a robot using it too
mostly like trying all types of robot designs to compare them ,like turtlebot using ros,i made and icreate project using propellor board ,oap project,AND SEEKER robot made by dave shinsel and next it the LOKI MADE BY HIMthese are large scale robots and palm robot (small scale)
now working on small scale robots about 30 using ezb ,EVEN THE OMNIBOT is a small scale design
United Kingdom
love the loki robot great design and programming . a long way beyond me ,but i will try to make my bot do something usfull and be entertaining
very soon will make it,since i mostly work at home or when they send me to china
my work pays me almost what ever i want thats fair per project mostly $5k
so i have much time off and work on robots,looking to get over $100k for a special ultra high precision AC DC V/A source thats my design and they didnt ask me to build it
but robots building and collecting i love more
United Kingdom
i kinsa like colecting robots to

2 rad 1's
1 omnibot
1 rovio (my fav) great nav setup
1 tribot
1 cybot
1 robosapian
1 roboraptor
1 quadbot
i have the rovio too,plus robosapian and 6 radsalmost all of them except rad and omnibot can be controlled by EEG headset ,called robodance software
United Kingdom
iv run out of space now so most have got to go .ill keep the rovio , omnibot , 1 rad and the tribot .
dam, its like a death in family if i have to get rid of mine,i have a few rooms for my robots
United Kingdom
I know . but my other hobbies takeup to much room ,and im going to downsize so alot of stuff to go.
Hey if there is anything cool let me know =) I can't wait to see this guy.moving