Custom Robot Build "wobble Frog"


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Hey all!

I wanted to post to show a project I created using the EZ-Robot system. As far as robots go it's a very simple build, but hopefully it's a bit unique.

I'm a game developer working on a mobile game called "Wobble Frog Adventures". It's a physics-based platformer game where you control a little physical "frog" toy that consists of 3 parts connected with 2 joints that you control with on-screen sliders.

Anyway, a twitter user saw a video of the game and joked "can't wait for the robot toy version", which gave me the crazy idea to try and make a working Wobble Frog!

I used the EZ-B IoTiny with the LIPO battery, combined with 2 270-degree servos (and some hacky code in ARC to try and get the servos to extend beyond 180 degrees).

The shell is created like a large papercraft project (I used Pepakura Designer), except the paper has been spray-glued onto foamcore to give it more strength.

User-inserted image

I did a pretty extensive write-up of the process on my website, which you can check out if you're interested. I ended up using the robot to make some really silly trailers for the game, which you can see below:

Happy to answer and questions on the build, the game, whatever! The Ez-robot system was a pleasure to work with!

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Wobble Frog! Not to be confused with Frog Wobble (which is not very fun)

That's a great promo video! Super funny.

Very unique operation- I think this guy could climb stairs pretty easily!
I also like your excellent use of materials for prototyping-
'cause if it's not foam core......

Thanks for sharing!:D
LOL, Wobble Frog is highly entertaining! Thanks for sharing @tfitzrandolph

Looks like a great game too!
haha so funny.amazing what people can do with a few things.
the voice and video is super.
Oh man a bunch of us were in a meeting and I pulled the video up on the big screens. We got a good laugh! Is this a game we can get on iOS? If so I’ll be playing it on my flight out of Toronto!
Thanks for the feedback! The game is *almost* done, I'm hoping it will be available on iOS and Android in mid-July.
This is such a cool thing, to materialize the game character you created to appear in real life...wizardry!:D
Great stuff! Your game looks very fun and great idea to make a robot version of Wobble Frog! Keep up the good work:)
Woo it’s available now!

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
i am at level 8 .i dont have sfx sound do.