Lumpy's - R2-d2 Build two-two's



Hello Again,

I've been asked to post some pics of my R2 build. I'll toss them up. This has been approx. a 3 year project for me. I chose to go the 100% aluminum route with my R2. Purely a personal choice. I've had many revisions to my build over the years.

I look forward to retro-fitting R2 over to the EZ-B system. I'll be mounting the camera in his Radar eye, and the Sonar around his skirt area.

Basic overview:

Frame - Com8 Ver. A Dome - Darren M. 300mm Legs - JAG Foot Shells - JAG Leg Ankles - TotallyWired Center Ankle - JAG Holos - David Shaw Front & Rear Logic Surrounds -David Shaw Radar Eye - David Shaw Power Couplers - David Shaw Octogon Ports - David Shaw LDP - David Shaw JEDI Control - Scott Grey Skins - John Sherrel And probably a schwack more stuff I can't remember. ;)

** Interested in starting your own R2-D2 Build? **

Visit : Astromech.Net - R2 Builders Yahoo Group -

All parts can be sourced between these (2) websites. No kits are available.

If you have any questions just ask away.

Com8-A Frame User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image

300mm Dome, JAG Legs and David Shaw Holos, Leg Horseshoes User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image

300mm Dome, Dome Electronics User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image

Center Foot and Ankle User-inserted image User-inserted image

Dome Bumps (Tamper Proof Computer Case Switches) User-inserted image User-inserted image

Periscope and Life Form Scanner User-inserted image User-inserted image

Dome Drive Wheel User-inserted image

Octogon Ports, LDP, Power Coupler and Coin Slots User-inserted image

TotallyWired Skirt User-inserted image User-inserted image

The beginning of motor drive shells User-inserted image

Skins User-inserted image

Dome and Skins. Rough Fit. No Frame User-inserted image

Charging Bay User-inserted image



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Upgrade to ARC Pro

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J.E.D.I. Control System User-inserted image

Front/Rear PSI Electronics User-inserted image

Magnetic Failsafe Switch User-inserted image User-inserted image

Side Electronics Panel (Breadpan) User-inserted image User-inserted image

Front Frame Speakers User-inserted image User-inserted image

Frame, Skins, Dome. Rough Fit User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image

Pretty Much Complete. Only missing foot drives. User-inserted image User-inserted image User-inserted image




Future Updates - EZ-B Retrofit

The Goods: (1) EZ-B Kit

The Inventory:

(1) Sabertooth 2x25 - Motor Controller (1) SyRen 10 - Motor Controller (1) Pitman Motor - Dome Rotation (2) NPC (Clone/Surplus) - Foot Motors (1) Xbox 360 Controller

On Order/Inbound (1) XBOX 360 USB Gaming Receiver (1) Sparkfun MP3 Trigger Board

The Plan

Drive - Hook up the two motors for H-Bridge control/steering. Dome - Hook up the one motoer for dome rotation. Link to Camera for facial tracking. Sonar - Hook up to bottom of skirt for collision avoidance. Control - Use XBOX 360 controller to drive and control sound. (Android Tablet to replace?) Audio - Sparkfun MP3 trigger to play audio. Initiated via voice recognition.

That's the plan. I'll probably blow something up first. :D

Always looking for help and suggestions.



Future Updates - EZ-B Retrofit


Don't you just hate it when that happens ! stress


Wow That's amazing! What a great robot ! :D


How much all in so to have one of these and really, 3k maybe a bit more worth every bit.


G'day from oz, can you please point me to where i can source the R2 parts. assume can order over the web

sorry i know this is not correct the place to ask on ez's blog

thank you,



Very nice!!! An Aluminum build looks sooo much better than a styrene build and pricey too. Do u have a shop to do the metal work?


First page updated with links for info and parts. Please note there are no complete kits available for purchase. The groups are there to help support, guide and assist in your R2 build.


Do you mind me asking how much you paid for all your parts, since you went all aluminum. I am building an all animatronic B9 robot from Lost in Space. I've probably have about 12 grand in it so far, 5 years building and still not done! They certainly are labor of love. But R2 is my next robot for sure.



WOW I always love seeing really well made R2s! I wonder what you have to do to legally get paid for appearances to get some money back for the build. Amazing build!!


I stopped keeping track at around $16k.

George Lucas sometimes contacts the R2 builders group for paid gigs (Movie events, PC Game events, Commercials).

In general the group members don't charge for profit. They will take money for compensation for gas/travel but anything else is typically donated to a charity.


All I can say after looking at this is "Holy Crap!" What an amazing build. I wish I had the time, patience, money, skill, etc. to do this. It's really an awesome piece of work. I hope I'll run into you and R2 at a show someday.


Impressive quality! Your robot could really make a trip into space without being damaged :P


@Lumpy where did you find those nice illuminated switches?


I tried a search on these and didnt find them. :/


Very impressive framework on this bot sir! Are your speakers stereo or paralleled mono?


Thank you very much!


** 04/02/13 **

Some more upgrades for R2 while he's down for maint. Every droid needs carbon fiber dome pie panels!

Why?... Because...

User-inserted image


the magnetic power doohickie!

details please!



The Astromech Droid Emergency Stop Doohickie

It's a simple circuit that triggers a larger relay and disconnects all power to R2's drive motors.

Stops a 200lb droid from running over small children.

Plug in = Droid moves Plug out = All power to wheels off

I'm going to try to re-write the code for it this weekend.


I want one!

btw can this be used to charge the droid? or only to pull power....


Only to switch on/off.


Hey All,

Did some re-work tonight on the "Emergency Stop Doohickie"

Looking back at my 3 scripts that I originally crafted, I now cringe. :D

This is my safety system to shut down my 200lb droid if it should ever try to make a break for Tatooine. It uses a magnetic plug.

Plug in = Power On Plug out = Power Off (30A relay)

User-inserted image

I came up with this new script and it seems to do the trick. Originally I was using greater than / less than parameters but thought this version would use up less processor power?

As always, any comments / tweaks are welcome.

# Emergency Stop System
# MPS Gas Cap
# ADC0  Less than 5 = Power On
# ADC0  Greater than 5 = Power Off

Set(D0, OFF)
Say(Emergency Stop System Active)
ADC_Wait_Between(adc0, 6, 250)

Set(D0, ON)
Print("All Stop")
Say(Emergency Stop)
ADC_Wait_Between(adc0, 0, 5)

If you don't mined opening up an old post, what are the dimensions of your r2 and is it 1:1 scale?


No worries,

It's 1:1 built from R2 Builders club specs.

I'd have to dig up the exact measurements.

Any particular dimension you after?


legs and feet. Body is 34" right?(not counting legs) Dome is 9"?


Great build Lumpy! I am so happy to be apart of this forum and !all! the brilliant craftspeople, also thanks to Technopro for floating Lumpys project to be "rediscovered"


Hi Lumpy,

I too am a member of Astromech:) My droid is coming along pretty well ( its a hybrid build) I am getting to the point of integrating the EZ-B into him... I plan on leaving the dome lights independent to the teences thing... I want to go ez-b for drive and everything else... with override to manual control of course... You have any updates of how you have integrated the ez-robot into your R2?


Hey Jayutmb I am building a droid as well on Astromech!

Where about in the US are you located? I am located in Southern California... I plan to be at R2LA next weekend with my shell of a droid lol How far along is your droid?


Hey Guys,

I'm still kicking about. I didn't get too much done this summer. My wife's father passed away and then my mom passed away 1 month later. So it's been a tough summer to stay focused.

My E-Z B's (I have 1 in body, 1 in Dome) are hooked up to the following:

  • Sabertooth 2x25 (Foot Drive)
  • Syren 10 w/Kangaroo2 (Dome drive)
  • Relay (Dome PSI Lights)
  • Relay (Periscope Power)
  • Relay (Misc)
  • Periscope Lights (Switches Modes/Sequences)
  • Sparkfun MP3 Player
  • MPS Magnetic Switch (Emergency Shutdown)
  • (2) Sound activated sensors (Autonomous Dome Movement)

I haven't had much time to re-script to my new V4's but hoping to get that done during the winter. The new wifi capabilities are what I like. Picking up my V4 camera this weekend and will be getting that mounted in the dome shortly.

Robot56 enjoy R2LA. Say hi to Mike and the boys for me. I may try to pop onto the live cam feed again this year.

If you guys have any questions feel free to drop a post in here. I'll try my best to get back to you asap.


Thx for response Lumpy:) and @robot56 I am done with my dome ( the outside of it anyhow ) the lights are working as well.. body is skinned and i am in the prime and sand phase right now. Legs primed but missing a few things still. I will just toss a pic here it speaks for itself ... ( legs and hubs are not really connected with why it looks so loose )

One thing I am trying with mine is not using paint for things... example the brushed blue aluminum look in pic is 3M auto wrap.. I am still up in the air if all the white parts will be done with wrap as well... or just paint it... ( I kinda wanna have my own "thing")

gratz on going R2LA as well! I am in Houston Tx... so that is a bit far for me and my wife would kill me if I left to do anything "droid" related lol

User-inserted image


Very cool build. I am a R2 builder also, but all of my EZ-Bs are in my humanoid robots. R2 will be getting one in the future. I hope R2 gets to do tons of cool things in the up coming Star Wars movies.