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Cheap Distance Sensor - Free Shipping DX is a good site but always takes a while to ship - Id allow 3-4 weeks in Australia at that is...not sure about US times

Fuel Cell Recharger

Saw this - Its not available yet but thought it would be cool to include in future designs. The perfect auxilery charger for your robot. Couldnt find any specs out there yet but I like the idea of charging your robot off butane....

Ip Camera

Can you use Ez builder with an IP cam ?

Noobie Question On Soundbaord

How do I activate a soundboard track from the Speech recognition ? I thought it was as simple as writing in Track_0 under the command to activate the loaded slot on the board but no luck. Im sure this is easy but cant work it out.
Dalek Looking For Help

Dalek Looking For Help

Love to turn my dalek into a bad ass robot but Id like some ideas from the pros,,,,, First problem is the camera it has to be mounted on the stork or its not worth doing and...

Omnibot 2000

Love to get one of these but Ive been looking for a while and havent found one that I could afford.How much should I expect to pay and any tips - being in Australia doesnt help as shipping can be quite high.
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